The Farmer Has a Wife

The Farmer Has a Wife


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The Farmer Has a Wife torrent reviews

Mathias B (br) wrote: very entertaining, motivating and touching movie for both kids & adults , a must to see!

Vincent L (ru) wrote: Posessive relationship between father and daughter tested by the father's new girlfriend.

Jeff A (au) wrote: A blast of fresh air. I think I like Tom Hardy now and I already was a big fan of director Nicolas Winding Refn's work.

Leah F (gb) wrote: "I want to have sex with her, constantly." LOL, I wish a guy would say that to his mother about me.It was kind of cute, but I thought the guy playing the main character was younger. A 20 year old is not that shy nor naiive. :T

Megha M (us) wrote: A must-see office dramedy :)

Michael G (kr) wrote: Is it ironic that a movie that takes place in a mental institution could make you feel like you're going nuts right after you finish watching it? Robert Rossen's direction really fits the bill here and compliments a fantastic cast. Lilith is full of little unexplained moments that leave you inching toward that isolated wing of the nut house, but despite her supposed spell over everyone, Jean Seberg (and her wig) just mostly annoyed me. The Gene Hackman scene was great and I saw Peter Fonda's resolution a mile away but the last 15 minutes kind of took a bit of the experience away for (or from) me. Extra points for Kim Hunter. I have no idea why but she was kind of foxy in this movie.

Jared H (ag) wrote: A charming comedy with some really great dialogue in some of the scenes.

Bill B (jp) wrote: A thoroughly sleazy and enjoyable sexploitation flick.It's a glorious sight to see, all the bad clothing, the 'rebels' who spend half the film waiting around for the blonde white girl, it's pretty amusing.Definitely recommended.