The Fast And The Furious

The Fast And The Furious

Domenic Toretto is a Los Angeles street racer suspected of masterminding a series of big-rig hijackings. When undercover cop Brian O'Conner infiltrates Toretto's iconoclastic crew, he falls for Toretto's sister and must choose a side: the gang or the LAPD.

Brian is a wanderer and he always wanted to experience the speed limit. He is proud of his driving talent, but with racers, he';;s just a novice. With the car was fitted with NOS speed accelerator, he went looking for Dominic – the king of speed in Los Angeles to apply to attend the race village. After the recklessly race and the chase of polices, Brian came back to rescue Dominic from the police. Since then, Brian was admitted to the team of Dominic and from that the relationship between Brian and Mia – Dominics sister starts to be built. In fact, Brian is a FBI';;s secret agent sent out to break the Speed Robber Team which ​​is spreading terror throughout highways. But now he feel that he have a close relationship with Dominic and the love between him and Mia could not be separated. Brian have to decide where he should put his loyalty and find out his true limits. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caroline D (au) wrote: i love this movie, greatest french movie ever !

Vikram B (gb) wrote: Good introduction into Israeli cinema.

Mike M (ru) wrote: Robert Altman directs Paul Newman in this bleak sci-fi noir set in a frigid post-apocalyptic wasteland. The story revolves around Essex (Newman) searching for the killer(s) of his brother and the mother of his unborn child in ?The City?, a massive icicle-dripping structure separated into 5 sectors that originally held 1 million residents and now holds only a few hundred bedraggled souls. The world created in this film is fairly original, with a unique look and style. Nearly everything in this world is covered with frost or ice. Feral dogs roam the city feeding on the dead before the body is cold. People swaddle themselves in dozens of layers and burn scrap wood from long-abandoned buildings to survive the subzero temperatures. With no end to the ice age in sight and no births in years, this populace stumbles through a hopeless existence, the only reprieve offered by the popular game, Quintet- a morbid alternate-reality version of backgammon. The underlying story here is pure film noir, filled with enigmatic characters with shady motives. In fact, the sci-fi setting proves to be mostly superfluous, only serving to reinforce the credibility of the plot somewhat. The story could easily be framed in a samurai movie, a western, a slick neo-noir, etc. While the identity of the killer is quickly discovered, the real question soon becomes why there was a killing at all. The answer will disappoint some viewers, but ultimately, it is the only possible resolution to such a film. I feel the reason this film was not better received was probably due to the fact that the film is a bit of a downer. However, it also could have benefitted from more developed, memorable characters, particularly since the color palette used is so limited. The characters can be hard to distinguish at times, and all of the white and gray can grow tiresome. Robert Altman fans will probably not count this film as one of his best, but that is because it is unlike most of his other work.

Zach A (jp) wrote: This movie was ridiculous but in a fun way.

Lee A (ag) wrote: This is a very nice, easy-going movie. To some it might be a little slow, but I enjoyed the time I was given to enjoy each scene completely without being jerked from one place to the next as some frenzied directors like to do. I felt very good after watching this movie. It provoked a very good conversation between Carr and me as to what truth is and when or whether or not it's relative. Jess Birdwell and his neighbor, Mr. Jordan, were of different religions that were quite opposite of each other, but both men were able to not let those views get in the way of their friendship. It's often too easy to judge someone based the values we're taught in our own church and look past the simple truth that we are all children of God trying to return back to his presence. I think Eliza tried too hard to play her role as preacher and had a hard time balancing her authority in the church with that of the home. Jess portrayed a very loving and understanding husband and complemented (not complimented) his wife very well. Jess displayed the best way to use authority: sharp when necessary, but always showing love afterward (this is evidenced in the scene where Jess goes out to check on his son after a battle and confronts a confederate soldier). The most contemplative question I came out with was, when is killing someone O.K.? Several characters reacted out of anger, others out of fear, others out of love. Josh realized how hard it is to kill another man. Jess went out prepared to fight if he needed to, but if he could avoid it, he did. Jess's mercy on the life of the Confederate soldier who had shot at him was very Christ-like and has inspired me to try to learn to be as merciful.

Patrick B (gb) wrote: I'm sure back in the day this was tremendous entertainment, but there was something really dark and sinister about this film, and it really bothered me. First, it seemed like anytime it was mentioned that Billy beat his wife, it would be dismissed by Julie's naive behavior, or by some outlandishly cheerful song and dance number. But the most disturbing part of all is the song, "What's the Use of Wonder'n?" sung by Julie to the other ladies. Just check out these lyrics, "Common sense may tell you that the ending will be sad, and now's the time to break and run away. But what's the use of wond'ring if the ending will be sad? He's your feller and you love him, there's nothing more to say." Basically the song means it doesn't matter how bad your husband treats you. You have committed your love to him so that is your committment to keep. These values are just incredibly screwed up looking at it today, and it greatly affected my liking of this film. With that said, the song "If I Loved You" is probably one of the greatest Broadway songs ever, and there were a few really neat dance numbers. My favorite was probably when Billy and Julie's daughter dances with a group of boys on a beautifully scenic beach.

jomo l (nl) wrote: The Best WWE Films Movie there is. An amazing movie!!!!!!!!!

Nancy M (jp) wrote: Loved it. Brody is painfully human. I thought about this move long after I had seen it.