The Fastest Sword

The Fastest Sword

A great "swordfighter" learns humility after he is defeated by a master martial arts monk. But his reputation always precedes him, leading to danger, destruction, challenges, cruelty, kidnapping, and killing.

A great "swordfighter" learns humility after he is defeated by a master martial arts monk. But his reputation always precedes him, leading to danger, destruction, challenges, cruelty, kidnapping, and killing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donnie G (es) wrote: very well done and touching film

Matt G (us) wrote: Miyazaki is clearly an influence to the world here, but the truly beautiful animation is bogged down by an unbelievably slow pace. While the three goblin/monster/creatures are highly entertaining and full of inspired life, the human characters, who we spend most of the film with, really aren't very interesting at all. The 80 minutes of greatness are enough of a reason to stream/fast forward through.

Jude M (jp) wrote: Not a good movie by any means, but infectiously fun and self aware with genuinely funny moments.

Sophie C (ru) wrote: trs bonne comdie !

Sherin A (fr) wrote: A touching tale about the friendship between 2 girls from different backgrounds and conflicting idealogies...great film.

Isaac R (ca) wrote: It was great film but boring.

Allan C (ca) wrote: Not what I expected but a well crafted mystery. A bit too talky at times.

Max C (ag) wrote: Funny Movie about two old guys fighting of a woman.

Paul L (es) wrote: its very dated now! but the message is still crystal clear 'this is happy harry hard on reminding you to eat your cereal with a fork'.

Corey S (gb) wrote: Despite its notoriety for having tied with Howard the Duck for Worst Picture, Prince's directorial debut showcases the performer's comedic talents as well as the chemistry between him and his co-stars into a reasonably entertaining albeit generally cliched romantic dramedy.

Eric (jp) wrote: A silly tale stirring up FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) about Dungeons & Dragons, apparently based on the story of James Dallas Egbert III's disappearance in the Michigan State University steam tunnels in 1979. The D&D version of his tale was concocted by the P.I. the parents hired, to protect their son's privacy (he was gay, suffered from depression, loneliness, parental pressure, and drug addiction, and was far too young for college), and is chronicled in the P.I.'s book "The Dungeon Master." Fortunately, William Dear, the P.I., sets the story straight, not that the other story doesn't persist as an urban legend. The movie's okay, as long as you understand that this low-budget sleeper is straight fantasy, with no intersection with reality.

xGary X (br) wrote: When a gang of confidence tricksters murder a schoolteacher and rape his wife she plots bloody vengeance against them, but when she is imprisoned for life she passes the task onto her newborn daughter. There's no way around saying it; this IS Kill Bill. A cold blooded but beautiful assassin who hunts down her enemies one by one, each assigned their own headed chapter of the story with blood and violence contrasted with tranquil scenes of falling snow...? There's even a section where a flashback is told through manga comic art. Quentin, you ought to be ashamed of yourself! This attractively shot film actually has a strong element of Spaghetti western about it despite the katanas and blood spurts because of the theme of lone stranger cutting down their enemies to exaggerated sound effects and a deeply 70s soundtrack, and the combination works well. There are some very attractive images and nicely framed shots and Meiko Kaji is arresting as the steely beauty. Plot is a little thinner on the ground however and there is little emotional involvement as the main character is SO single minded, but its influence over more contemporary films has kept it feeling relatively fresh and it's a landmark hack and slasher for those interested in the genre.

Yanita N (es) wrote: Expected more...wanted more from the story.

Carabo P (mx) wrote: Hilarante trama con algunas muertes dignas... X-DDDDDDDDDD

Eamonn D (es) wrote: great movie, loach doing what he did best