The Favor

The Favor

Kathy is married to Peter. Now she can't help but wonder how things could have been if she got together with her old boyfriend, Tom. Being married prevents from doing that so she asks her friend, Emily to go to him and see if she can sleep with him then tell Kathy how it was. When Emily tells Kathy that things were awesome, their friendship suffers, at the same so does Kathy's marriage. Things get even more complicated when Emily learns she's pregnant, and she's not certain if it's Tom's or her boyfriend, Elliot.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:artist,   jealousy,   dream,  

Kathy is married to Peter. Now she can't help but wonder how things could have been if she got together with her old boyfriend, Tom. Being married prevents from doing that so she asks her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rasheed T (it) wrote: The fighting is surely satisfying and the plot is decent, but it's acting is poor and somewhat sad. Michael Jai White's acting on the other hand was fine but that doesn't save the movie not one bit.

Jordan P (br) wrote: One of the greatest and unknown action movies. Back in the day only this movie and Terminator were shown only at night on HBO they were so violent. Watch this movie you will not be disapointed.

German M (nl) wrote: It's got Ron English as one of the graffiti writers!

RB S (nl) wrote: If I could only go back & time and put Anne Hathaway & James McAvoy in the previous year's Pride & Prejudice it would have been perfect.

Adam W (br) wrote: It's a silly movie, but it does have a more "European" content. There are a few shots of a badly drawn and poorly animated topless woman. It's also laced with racist caricatures of blacks. This movie never could make it to the screen today, does have its fun moments.A war between the American and European Vampire Mafioso converges on Havana and a poor anti-government rebel who, thanks to a potion made by his uncle, has no idea that he's a vampire. I think my favorite part is listening to the American vampires speak spanish with a clearly horrible American accent. The story is rather dumb, and the animation isn't too great either, but it made me chuckle enough to watch all the way through.

Denise P (mx) wrote: As irreverent and gut-busting as Billy Bob Thornton's brilliant performance as the titular misanthrope, Bad Santa offers a dark, refreshingly offbeat and decidedly non-family-friendly take on the holly jolly Christmas spirit that manages to keep a hard head and yet still ultimately end up as heartwarming as any family-friendly holiday feature.

Joe C (fr) wrote: Someone asks me today, "Joe, what is your favorite Spike Lee Joint?" I would say Inside Man, BUT this film gets a special mention in my collection. I have always been a huge fan of Denzel dating all the way back to when I saw Glory in the 7th grade. That being said, Denzel is in Inside Man, so case closed. I should say that I don't play basketball or too many sports for that matter, but I enjoys films about them for sure. Friday Night Lights, Eddie, etc. this film takes sports films and flips it on the ear. It is Sports-Drama which has been done before but not like Spike Lee can do it. I won't tell the whole story but Denzel has to get his son, Ray Allen to go to this one school for college so he can get out of prison early, and yeah. The cast is solid, Denzel, Ray Allen, Rick Fox, Rosario Dawson, Harper Hill, etc. I know its a serious film that has some laughs when needed and plenty of heart all the time. Most films can't pull off the frequent flash back film style but this is one that can. I don't know how to explain other than, you need to see this if you look good movies and sports, this is a perfect combination of the two.

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