The Fear

The Fear

A weekend of 'fear therapy' turns into a nightmare of terror when a mannequin comes to life. Only those with the courage to confront their demons will survive.

A weekend group goes to a remote cabin for "fear therapy". While each person is working to conquer their worst fears, they all become terrorized by a living monster made of wood which ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim H (mx) wrote: A husband's devotion to his wife is tested when she suffers from Alzheimer's and must go to a nursing home.A slow, sensitive, and deeply affecting drama, Away From Her features wonderful performances by its leads and Sarah Polley's steady directorial hand. Julie Christie is wonderfully tragic, beating Julianne Moore to this punch a long time ago, and Gordon Pinsent, whom I've never seen before, positively carries this film. Grant is flawed - his flaws sometimes hijacking the plot - but he also seems like the type of husband that we might all wish we were or had. And the ending ... well, it's subtle and lovely and very sad.Overall, with all due respect to Still Alice, Away From Her is one of the best films about Alzheimer's.

Ara N (ag) wrote: they fuckin blew up my great grandfather - Kaspar Natarian, in his house.

Fred W (au) wrote: A classic in its day.

joseph k (de) wrote: I really loved this movie :)

Johnathon W (br) wrote: Funniest move, EVER!!! 'Nuff said.

James D (fr) wrote: tedious. Sure, the thrills come, but only after over an hour of trying to understand (a) how Eastwood's character was ever employed as a DJ, (b) why anyone would be interested in the character, and (c) how Eastwood was ever employed as an actor. Walters' excellent work only accentuates Clint's woodenness.

Jonathan D (de) wrote: Great early Peckinpah Film! It doesn't have his signature camera work, but still a nice story about an aging Lawman.