The Fear of Darkness

The Fear of Darkness

A brilliant young psychiatrist is forced to confront the dark creature that dwells deep within her own unconscious when she investigates the supernatural disappearance of a university student. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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L Richard A (ag) wrote: Best zom-com since Shaun Of The Dead.

Doctor S (ag) wrote: Fond documentary about people obsessed with crossword puzzles, including thoughts from famous enthusiasts like Jon Stewart, Ken Burns, and Bill Clinton. Culminates with the annual national crossword competition of 2006 in Connecticut where all competitors seem like pleasant if somewhat dorky individuals. I enjoy crosswords, but if you want to see an engrossing docu that showcases a competition in a pastime in which you have absolutely no interest, check out The King Of Kong instead.

Nathan W (es) wrote: What a classic film. Cracks me up every time I see it. its a good laugh and a bit of soft movie porn at the same time.

Benji G (ca) wrote: A perfectly enjoyable cookie cutter sports movie with great characters.

Christopher L (nl) wrote: Wow. That's some good shit. I can't decide what I like most about this movie. The writing probably, a never-ending cavalcade of engaging and believable characters and stories.

Scott A (ru) wrote: I can't believe I have never seen this film, but better late than never right?It's pretty funny at times, mostly coming from Chase, and it can get action genre when it needs to with all the spy stuff. The best scene was the tent full of Doctors. Doctor? Doctor! Doctor? Doctor!The supporting cast is quite good. Vanessa Angel was in this, and I thought she didn't hit the scene until the late 90's!!! She's adorable and even in the snow, they find a few times to get her in her underwear. Some really great cameos too. A ton of famous directors have the bit parts.In a simple comedy, I liked the theme that it wouldn't be another country that would attack the USA, but it's own fear and over confidence was it's outdoing.

Oscar G (jp) wrote: Con una realizacin increible, en un formato documental mezclado con Ficcin, este trabajo fue sin duda uno de los mejores del ao, que seala la gran importancia del ejercicio se la entrevista, donde los juegos de poderes son autnticos. Con actuaciones memorables, esta es una de mis mas grandes refomendaciones.

Kevin D (it) wrote: Russell's style is electrifying but as usual his set-pieces go overboard.

Dennis b (mx) wrote: If you where there, you understand.

Marat P (es) wrote: More constrained and "well made" compared to Bunuel's best work, but still very powerful, with an allegorical touch.

Colson V (it) wrote: Ever wanted to see Franklin Delano Roosevelt fire his rocket launcher wheelchair at Werewolf Hitler? Of course you have. Why are you still reading this? Go watch the movie.

Myriah D (br) wrote: Contemporary classic! What more can I say. One of my all time favorites, never gets old!

Brian C (mx) wrote: Fantastically suspenseful docudrama, with above average re-enactments. Even though you know they survive you sort of dont believe it.