The Fearless Triplets

The Fearless Triplets

In this Stephen King-like movie about good versus evil, Lien, Sien and Fien Kriegel, unseparable eleven-year-old triplets, set fire to their school. The sisters get arrested and are put ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Miguel O (mx) wrote: There is no doubt Brian Singer is a fantastic director and noticeably, the project was shot out of love to cinema, which makes hating the movie hard. The campy dialogue would make Joel Schumacher blush, the pacing is uneven, and let's not get started on the overly cartoony CGI. Perhaps, the film could have been more successful as a straight to DVD animated movie.

Gena D (nl) wrote: I don't know why the reviews for this were so poor. It's well done and raises some good points. I suppose though in mainstream some of these points wouldn't be welcomed very well. As they wouldn't fit with what people want to believe. I also think the Caucasian actors might've been selected at random because obviously they're not from Bollywood films normally. So the Bollywood actors were far better at their job than the Caucasian variety. Definitely had me at the edge my seat at points.

Johann M (it) wrote: Entertaining, a bit predictable as any romanticcomedy would be, but it is nice to watch, likable characters, funny scenes. Also Abigail Breslin is so little!

Jesse M (de) wrote: Willie Fukin Beaman, this movie put Jamie Foxx on the acting map, it showed he was more than a Comedian.. Al killed his coaching role as well.

Meghan S (de) wrote: Cute movie, nothing special just a good kids movie that is funny and parents could sit through it.

Erika C (ru) wrote: quite funny, but I love to watch bardem, so...

Isaac H (br) wrote: So impressed. Such a charming movie.

Bob V (es) wrote: Heavily fictionalized -more fiction than fact really- life story of famous scientist and martyr to science, Marie Curie.Expertly portrayed by Greer Garson, her Madame Curie may not retain much historic fact, but the message of her portrayal profoundly honours an exceptional woman. Does that make this film a thrlling viewing? Not so much no. But if you like Garson, it's definitely worth it to catch it.

Sarah E (gb) wrote: There's so much melodrama in Beneath that I kept having flashbacks to W Network films, which isn't a good thing. I will defend some elements of this film, because I think that Christy, the female investigator, does a pretty good job of solving the mystery surrounding her sister's death. Unfortunately, the plot she's given to work with is so loaded with holes and inconsistencies, it's a miracle she's able to make sense of any of it, let alone the sordid details at the heart of the intrigue. Too much of this movie is centred around the home, around the family, that it almost cheapens all of Christy's hard work and determination, not to mention the thoroughly unbelievable circumstances under which her elder sister became bedridden. There are more effective films about strange monsters that prowl the house and significantly better female detectives, so Beneath is easy to skip.

Carly L (it) wrote: CB4 WHERE YA AT!! LOL