The Fever

The Fever

Tells the story of a woman who gets involved in politics with no previous contact with world events.

Tells the story of a woman who gets involved in politics with no previous contact with world events. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ugi S (fr) wrote: Not only having a beautiful title and scene of white winter, "Winter In Wartime" successfully combines a touching War-melodrama with thriller elements. This film brings us to examine ourselves how to confront, betrayal and ally, courage and duplicity as surrounding us complexly.

stefn birgir s (fr) wrote: An interesting look on the sad life of an overweight porn star.

Giorgio P (kr) wrote: Maybe its just because of my taste in comedy but i didnt laugh that much and its definitely a step back from Borat (which is impossible to beat)But some scenes were fantastic and my respect for Sacha Baren Cohan has only grown

Monty H (au) wrote: It's kinda weird in some parts but anytime the two sisters are together its funny as hell. The younger one is Miranda Otto from Lord of the rings. She is really good in this one.

clint w (kr) wrote: i actualy thought this was funny john candy makes it funny hes a funny guy richard lewis is funny too so i think its funny

Trev B (it) wrote: Sounds like a classic

Richard S (es) wrote: Sequel to In the Heat of the Night. Some good parts.

Will H (es) wrote: First of all I love Kaiju films regardless of production value, second just look at the plot... 2 kids go to outerspace where they meet 2 aliens that look like Japanese women in spandex who want to eat their brains! Not only that but they control a giant monster with a knife head! Who Gamera fights of course. Pretty great cheesy sci-fi goodness if you ask me.

Rob N (ru) wrote: I first saw this as a teen in the 80's on the Lifetime channel when I noticed in TV guide that it was directed by Fellini. The letterbox version that TCM just played was much better, but I still want to see it in HD or a theater.

Landen C (gb) wrote: Being the first person on all of flixter to review this, I would like to say that this isn't a particularly good film, but it is really entertaining, and it has its moments of great direction. There are certainly worse things out there! This is good for a late night double-feature night with your friends (if anyone actually does that.)

intuciic (us) wrote: i don't understand why would anybody want to buy something that ugly to keep at home? and pay money for it? seriously?

David D (it) wrote: Fabulous film with an excellent plotline and great twist. I can't believe this wasn't written by Philip K Dick!!!!!!!!!

Nolan M (it) wrote: Tim Burton's greatest film on the life of the worst director ever lived.

Andy P (it) wrote: One of those movies that squanders an interesting concept to such a degree that it causes frustration, then you just forget it exists.