The Fiesta Grand

The Fiesta Grand

Monica left a prestigious school to get away from Rueben who was extremely jealous and possessive. A year later she met and fell in love with James at college and after a whirlwind ...

Monica left a prestigious school to get away from Rueben who was extremely jealous and possessive. A year later she met and fell in love with James at college and after a whirlwind ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gopikrishna N (de) wrote: superb movie,melodious songs and wonderful acting by the cast ,vineeth sreenivasan's best film

Matt L (nl) wrote: This is a fun, violent 70's style exploitation film. I am a huge Rutger Hauer fan and this did it for me.

Michael A (es) wrote: One of the best films (if not the best) to catch the essense of the 2008 crash.

Orlok W (jp) wrote: Poor, cheap exploitation tat--Turdistas!!

Elliot D (au) wrote: I can't believe the reviews for this movie are so poor. If you're a fan of Keanu, this is about as Keanu as it gets. I generally agree with RT, but this is off. Great action scenes. Intense mystery. The events are a little hard to track but if you watch carefully, or watch twice you'all be amazed by how twisted but smart the plot is. Nothing is as it seems and the ending is epic. It may be a bit implausible but if you can get on board with a couple hours of cop and gang violence, you'll like this movie. A few very famous black actors and rappers. Not as much white star power. Keanu is one of the only action stars that I follow like a cult fan and this one definitely does not disappoint.

Sarah F (ru) wrote: yeah looks good, ill see this!

tang own o (jp) wrote: I want to know it.why??????

Hannah M (mx) wrote: Great movie. Natasha Richardson and Mia Farrow are both completely perfect in their roles, and the two of them work together to make a fantastic whodunnit. Little touches of humor keep the mood light, while at the same time a moderate level of suspense is held. Awesome job.

Steve G (br) wrote: Saw it in theaters. Can't pretend to remember much but my impression.

Art S (it) wrote: The sequel (or really the second part) to Jean de Florette (1986) picks up the action maybe 9 or 10 years later, when Daniel Auteuil's intellectually impaired flower farmer has taken over Depardieu's land and, with the benefit of the now-unplugged spring, is doing reasonably well. Depardieu's daughter, played now by Emanuelle Beart, is a goatherd who keeps her distance from the town, although she does catch the eye of the new teacher, as well as the eye of Auteuil. Yves Montand, perhaps the only character who we can "read" (because his thoughts are deeper and he reveals them in his speech), is still standing back orchestrating his nephew Auteuil's life, encouraging him to pursue Beart to keep his family name alive. At first, I felt that this second part was merely a retread, with Beart now turning the tables on Montand and Auteuil and the villagers by stopping up their water supply. The countryside was still gorgeous and the village life of the 1920's (or thereabouts?) still rustic and authentically portrayed (as far as one can tell). But when the plot takes a sudden twist (or two), the results now seem Shakespearean or at least fabulistic, adding gravitas which had been absent until then. Seen in combination, the two parts do work although one wonders whether, with judicious editing, they might fit together as one long single film; that said, I gladly took two shorter sessions. Now, I think I might try to track down the Pagnol originals (of which these were remakes).

Jordan R (ag) wrote: What did you expect it is a 1980s horror movie? Anyways I really like it and people should try to see it.

Guti H (ca) wrote: Good music, different cultures and laughs makes Easy Rider an enjoyable trip through the U.S.

Shaunda C (ag) wrote: A Ray classic. Definitely one of the best films ever made. I don't say that lighty, you know.

Galen S (jp) wrote: dont care what you say, movie had some great ideas. he not only gets back in fighting shape, he trains holding his breath knowing he'll have to escape underwater he slices off skin from his thumb and makes a delayed reub goldberg device to activate his thumbprint i.d. while he's away.

Ryon O (ca) wrote: My favorite film. Hey, everyone has to have one and this one is mine. The black and white film is great to see and has good contrast between light and shadow. The story is interesting but even more so, the characters are a joy to see. The music, the settings, the old west feel, and it really does feel like it is happening in the old west and that the viewer has a window seat... a very close view.