The Fifth Musketeer

The Fifth Musketeer

King Louis XIV has without his knowledge a twin brother, Philippe, but when he is told, he immediately locks up his brother in the Bastille. The king wants to increase his popularity and stages an assassination against himself where Philippe is dressed as king Louis. But Philippe manages to escape the assassination and everybody believes him to be the real king...

King Louis XIV has without his knowledge a twin brother, Philippe, but when he is told, he immediately locks up his brother in the Bastille. The king wants to increase his popularity and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francisco Q (ca) wrote: It may not be for everyone, but "American Honey" finds in its pseudo-documentarist road-movie genre, almost an own style, within Andrea Arnolds direction, alongside the awesome soundtrack. One of the most interesting, original and joyful films of the year, it makes just want to relax and watch all those kids having fun!

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Iain B (ru) wrote: seemed a bit of a tool

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