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The Fifth Patient

The Fifth Patient

John Reilly wakes up in an African Hospital with only fragments of his memory in tact. An officer of the local regime, Mugambe, accuses him of being an American spy.

John Reilly wakes up in an African Hospital with only fragments of his memory in tact. An officer of the local regime, Mugambe, accuses him of being an American spy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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The Fifth Patient torrent reviews

Jess R (ca) wrote: Je ne sais pas pourquoi, ce film m'a fait penser a toi....quoi que c'est pas dificile...

Juli R (au) wrote: I love Kristin Scott Thomas. This was fun to watch.

Pan C (es) wrote: Stylish crime thriller.

Bianca and Paige R (gb) wrote: A great movie. Val Kimer still has the ability to suck people in. Compelling and just all-round great from start to end.

Ton Q (it) wrote: Broken Embraces is a unique and interesting film, seeming surreal and slightly comedic throughout.

arthur m (jp) wrote: this is an awesome movie. my family and i laughed so hard.

Yara M (ca) wrote: i loved this movie sooo much realy actors were soo gr8

Emily L (us) wrote: It's like Billy Elliot for old ladies.

Ialixe S (ca) wrote: Je dois dire que j'ai t un peu due. Bien film et bien jou [j'ADORE Sylvie Testud..] mais ce film s'avrera compltement incomprhensible pour qui ne connait pas l'affaire Papin de prime bord, et le scnario est tellement dcousu que m^me^ceux au courant ont du mal suivre [comme moi]. On met l'emphase sur des dtails et le meurtre en lui-mme et le rocs sont rduits aux 10 dernires minutes du film, alors que c'est la que se trouve le noeud de l'affaire. Moi, j'aurais commenc par le crime, suivi de ce qui s'est pass avant... on a l'impression qu'il manque l'essentiel et qu'on y a mis du remlissage la place. Esprons que le livre dont ce film est tir est mieux. [En passant, c'est un fait rel arriv en 1933 pour ceux qui ne le savaient pas. Wiki est plus explicite sur ce meurtre que ce film!] :/ ...

Manolo C (jp) wrote: Una pelcula de animacin basada en leyendas del oeste de frica. Muy entretenida y llena de color. Optimista donde las haya.

Cyrille P (us) wrote: Bon, j'ai eu comme un black-out au visionnage du film! C'est comme ca quand on mange trop le dimanche midi! :-P Mais c'est un bon petit film ou un alien venu de Mars produit des oeufs. En eclatant, ils font litteralement exploser le corps des victimes. Les effets sont sympas a defaut d'etre vraiment bons. Par contre, niveau nichon, meme pas le minimum syndical! Ou alors j'ai dormi! :-P Le realisateur est Luigi Cozzi qui avait deja fait Starcrash l'annee precedente. Un chef d'oeuvre de nanar: -)

Anders A (nl) wrote: Two different heartbeats on the same heartbreak. A human take on a sudden divorce. Hoffman's acting is great.

Kelly K (ca) wrote: I saw this as part of a Halloween double-feature when I was five years old and have been warped ever since. Strother Martin's surprisingly sympathetic mad scientist turns Dirk Benedict into a king cobra. Realistically, that's all you need to know. Either you've logged on to Netflix to reserve this one, or there's simply no hope for you. :)

Florence N (de) wrote: Timeless study of political corruption

Ryan V (gb) wrote: While it's a classic, I've always felt this fell just below some of Disney's other masterpieces. It's still a fun and justifiably regarded film.

Matt G (gb) wrote: Can't say I enjoyed the dream/musical elements very much at all. It couldn't have evoked less out of me.That being said, I found the bond between brother and sister fascinating. Their dilemmas/lifestyles provide an interesting contrast when allowed to clash. It didn't awe me with the psychological depth of Faces or Husbands, but it had the charm of Minnie and Moskowitz. Like all of his films, because of the unpredictable nature of the story, it's hard to completely figure out how you feel until you see it again.