The Fifth Seal

The Fifth Seal

In Budapest in 1944, a watchmaker, a book seller and a carpenter are drinking in a bar with the owner. They are joined by a stranger who asks a hypothetical question that will change their lives.

The Fifth Seal is a study in depersonalization. Set in Budapest, 1944 towards the end of World War II... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (ag) wrote: Really good for a TV of the best disaster movies

Cameron M (nl) wrote: Its a really good movie but not that realistic

Jared B (us) wrote: Poor story, annoying characters, and ridiculous effects make this one of the worst films for Kevin Kline, and Will Smith. A shame.

Michael S (fr) wrote: This is one of the worst kind of Hollywood comedies: one so lazy and "sincere" that it doesn't even try to be funny. Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley, as a hateful couple on the run from the IRS, are too unlikeable to care about their inevitable redemption. There's even a sentimental courtroom scene at the end. It also commits the cardinal sin of failing to make the great Larry Miller look funny.

Emanuel N (it) wrote: Om r sugen p en sjukt rolig splatterfilm s r denna film guldvrd. Man fr ta den som den r och frstr man inte ironin och dom roliga dialogerna d kan man g och se Gta Kanal3 istllet.

(nl) wrote: My absolute favorite movie!!! This movie had me laughing almost every mintue and really enjoying all of the characters. There was comedy in almost every scene and it was action packed. John Hughes has outdone himself again. Bravo!

Tony F (br) wrote: So campy it's classic. Flint is an international spy and pimp. Plus he talks to dolphins. That's who I want to be when I grow up.

Walter M (it) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]"Street of Shame" takes place as a bill banning prostitution is debated while business as usual goes on in a brothel in the red light district in Tokyo where Yasumi(Ayako Wakao) is consistently the best earner. Hanae(Michiyo Kogure) and Yumeko(Aiko Mimasu) are also both mothers. Yumeko is trying to reconnect with her grown son while Hanae is the sole breadwinner for her ill, unemployed husband and infant son. Enter Mickey(Machiko Kyo), a brash newcomer...[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]Directed by Kenji Mizoguchi, "Street of Shame" is a bleak examination of prostitution in postwar Japan. The conclusion here is that outlawing it will not do anyone much good(and it has not anywhere else for that matter) because the underlying causes are found in the ruins of the economy. And it does seem that all of the women carry a huge debt around their necks and that in a extremely lean job market as this, this may be the only possible recourse. While this may seem desperate on their parts, the alternative is far, far worse.[/font]

Ashley M (ca) wrote: It's an alright movie

erica g (nl) wrote: Funny action movie! Just perfect!

Tim P (br) wrote: We really like this movie and recommend it!!