The Fighting Temptations

The Fighting Temptations

The Fighting Temptations stars Cuba Gooding, Jr. as the film's protagonist as he attempts to revive a church choir in order to enter a gospel competition with the help of a beautiful lounge singer (Beyoncé Knowles) with whom he soon falls in love.

Advertising executive Darrin Hill loses his job and his girlfriend after his many lies about his background and education are discovered. Darrin then travels to a small Southern town to collect an inheritance but finds he must create a gospel choir and lead it to success before he can collect. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Everett J (es) wrote: After a long string of bad luck gambling in his hometown of Las Vegas, John(Steve Buscemi) decides to try to live a normal life. He's moved to Albuquerque and works for an auto insurance company. One day he gets offered a chance to move up by helping with the investigation of an accident and trying to prove it's fraudulent. The accident took place outside of Vegas, and his old gambling addiction comes back and he's once again at the mercy of temptation. Buscemi does a fantastic job with such a subpar movie. He's usually great, and here he is his usual awesome self. The whole cast is terrific. Peter Dinklage, Sarah Silverman, and Romney Malco all do great with the little their given. The story is interesting, but it feels like it's missing quite a bit. The movie runs at 85 minutes, which is good as it short and paced good. But, it feels like this movie needed more, and given more it could have been a great movie. Instead, it's like lost potential. Watch for the great cast, but don't expect a great movie to match. If you want a low budget independent movie dealing with Vegas, check out "The Cooler" instead.

Kevin X (ag) wrote: One of the most WTF movies I've ever watch....

Tay M (kr) wrote: very cute but annoying movie

Deke P (ca) wrote: A little too 'over the top'-hat for me.

Jenny R (ag) wrote: lite utav en klassiker hemma hos mig! Spnnade!

Cindy C (au) wrote: I know, it's cheesy, but I love this film. Jon Cryer is just too cute! Demi Moore's character wld be considered a sexual predator by today's standards.

Marilee A (ag) wrote: Heartbreaking and Beautiful

Wes M (nl) wrote: Ok, to understand my rating, I'll have to explain something first. I bought this Hitchcock set, A Legacy Of Suspense, cuz it was a great deal: 20 of his films from the 1920-1930s, for a whopping $5 (who wouldn't take that deal, you might ask? A smart person, that's who). Well, once you start watching, you realize why it was $5. Absolutely horrible picture and audio quality. Like, it looks like they used the original negatives from these and just slapped them into dvd format, with zero restoration. So, since I could only grasp about 30% of this movie...I liked what I saw and understood. But I couldn't hear hardly any of the dialogue! And this is supposedly THE film that shot him into international superstardom. It's a good story, with some funny and eerie moments.....I think. Ummm, I liked Peter Lorre, he's always a good creep haha. Perhaps seeing Hitchcock's own remake would help; plus that one's got Jimmy Stewart. But yea, I may return to this one down the road and if I can comprehend more of it, I may re-rate and re-review.

Juli N (nl) wrote: Klaus Kinski's portrayal of Dracula is breathtaking!

John B (jp) wrote: Typical James Bond movie with good action, stunts and an interesting story line. I like Pierce Brosnan as the next James Bond and this time his leading lady does some good action stunts too

Eric H (it) wrote: Truly one of Woody's best all around movie's, ever. Even my die hard "I HATE Woody Allen Friends" love this movie when I force them to watch it. Woody and Farrow are at their best, Woody playing a long-lost historical schlemiel over the ages, somehow time making him immune to his past. It's brilliant !