The File on Thelma Jordon

The File on Thelma Jordon

A woman seduces a District Attorney and pulls him into a web of theft and murder.

Thelma Jordon is in love with a jewel thief, Tony Laredo, and he persuades her to go live with her rich aunt, and steal her jewels. During the robbery, she shoots her formerly-rich aunt, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kirby W (mx) wrote: Tried to capture the heart & zombie soul of SEAN OF THE DEAD but failed due to poor dialogue and typical zombie fair. Director thought that by adding special explosive effects this would further endear the audience. Not a chance.

Tim C (gb) wrote: Not Half Bad God Job

rick r (it) wrote: "The Demented" continues the saga of an apocalypse where rage zombies plague mankind. The film is directed by Christopher Roosevelt and stars Kayla Ewell, Richard Kohnke, Ashlee Brian, Brittney Alger, Sarah Butler and Michael Welch. The story is a standard melodrama filled with carnage and mayhem as a group of friends head out for one last get- together before heading off to their own futures. Throw in a terrorist attack, which leads to an outbreak of mutant rage zombies, who spread like wildfire through the effected community, and "The Demented" gives us another thrill ride into a nightmare zombieland. "The Demented" story is a typical one with arrogant yet reflective youths looking to bond fighting unimaginable horrors. I didn't find any real holes in the plot line or characters stories which happens a lot in films. The terrorist attack is a familiar one but it is fresher than the standard schlock for "how zombies are made". It plays closer to the viral outbreak in other more powerful zombie tales like "28 Days Later" and "The Devil's Playground". However this is a new geographical location of the outbreak-bayou country and small town America. The actual outbreak happens over the New Orleans area but the college kids are at a family home far outside the city in a smaller community. It allows for the action and story arch to maintain an affected level of entertainment without seeming redundant or boring. I found the characters likable and believable. I actually connected with them and the story managed to keep my attention through the whole film. The special effects and action sequences in "The Demented" are intense and very commanding as the cast fight (and as some die) to get to the safe location of extraction. The thrills and even chilling moments are evenly spaced and timed well enough to create tension enough for excitement. The zombies are not the tradition creature we expect but more bleeding rage virulent humans with homicidal tendencies similar to "The Crazies"-fast movers that created even more thrilling action packed moments on screen. I enjoyed the added little element of the zombies "suspended state" when the smell or sound of the living wasn't stimulating them. "The Demented" isn't really anything knew for the zombie genre but the film gives a solid story and plenty of intense action. The acting is as good as some big budget flicks and for the most part "The Demented" delivers a good level of entertainment. I enjoyed this one as much as the other zombie films I mentioned in this review.

John W (fr) wrote: Easily the equal of his Ju-On/The Grudge films, can anyone tell a story of a revenge curse as well as Shimizu? Shock Labyrinth take a bit to warm up, but then the story circles around itself as wonderfully and visually amazing as the centerpiece staircase.

Algitya P (mx) wrote: "The tunnel of time" scene just stunned me for sec.

Martin M (kr) wrote: Ouais, c'est pas mal n'importe quoi ce film. Des longueurs, on attend qu'une histoire decolle alors qu'y en a pas vraiment. J'ai trouve Huard bon dans ce role malgre tout. On rit quand meme a plusieurs moments. Mais ca vaut pas la peine de voir au cinema, mieux vaut attendre que ca sorte en video.

WA B (es) wrote: Well made, but ultimately pointless and unnecessary in run time.

Spencer H (br) wrote: Lethal Weapon is one of the greatest buddy-cop films I've ever seen.

Shawn R (es) wrote: Very bad. I am not sure how or why I finished this movie.

The A (br) wrote: It's a serial comedy. There's fun to be had, but not much else.

Jim S (it) wrote: You'd think that if you were going to remake a sci-fi classic, you'd do a better job.

Daniel I (de) wrote: Lovely portrayal of desire and resentment not only for loved ones but also for one's self. Beautifully captured in the natural locations which are the benchmark of Italian Neorealist movies. Th ending is almost a warning to anybody attempting such a feat. However if you have nothing to lose!