The Film Crew: Hollywood After Dark

The Film Crew: Hollywood After Dark

The Film Crew gives a commentary track to Walk the Angry Beach (1968), aka Hollywood After Dark, featuring Rue McClanahan as a stripper.

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The Film Crew: Hollywood After Dark torrent reviews

Tiago C (mx) wrote: Simple, yet competent. Great performances and dialogues. The film also has strong historical and informative, because it puts the spotlight two heroes that probably a lot of people did not know.

Pavan R (es) wrote: Quite a good entertainer with some good music.

Haley A (ag) wrote: Better than the second one :-)

Private U (br) wrote: The Cremaster Cycle is a masterpiece.

Philip M (it) wrote: Crafted with dullness and deformity from one of cinema's biggest losers.

Brad M (gb) wrote: Great classic movie Mickey Rourke on his young years & not just a Action movie...

Richard D (mx) wrote: Rosalie (Romy Schneider) is in a relationship with brash businessman Cesar (Yves Montand) when David (Sami Frey), a true love from her past, returns to Paris after a long absence. David is a comic book artist and his quiet, sensitive nature is very different from Cesar's very masculine, outgoing personality. Rosalie cannot decide and bounces between both of them ... before deciding not to decide. A very smart romantic comedy/drama that goes unexpected places. Isabelle Huppert appears in one of her first film roles as Rosalie's younger sister.

Miguel A (br) wrote: So bastantes os motivos que levam "Hunting Scenes from Bavaria" a merecer um lugar naquele cinema em que as mais pequenas comunidades so as que vivem num estado de maior tenso social (a partir do momento em que algum viola a aparente harmonia do quadro provinciano). Neste aspecto interessante o paralelo entre este filme alemo e "Straw Dogs", de Peckinpah, sendo que os dois se encontram separados apenas por dois anos.

Amanda S (ag) wrote: I like shirley temple lol

louise l (kr) wrote: entertaining combat film.

Matthew P (it) wrote: A fine one-time watch but fails to leave a lasting impression.