The Final Comedown

The Final Comedown

Black revolutionaries take action in the white suburbs.

Black revolutionaries take action in the white suburbs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin C (nl) wrote: Charming tale of obsession. One wonders how some of the contributors remain married. Love the guys who wear a suit for the Cup final. Just one more match....

Pete R (au) wrote: Bleak and interesting. It lacked something.

Rosaleen L (de) wrote: Shows a side of the Vietnam War that doesn't make it into the history books and should.

Pauline S (es) wrote: Way too grim and depressing for me!

Russ B (fr) wrote: 8/15/2016: An ok film at best. A good cast and a good story, but not many laughs for a "comedy".

Robert M (nl) wrote: A pretty neat use of symbolism and colors to convey a visually interesting film that affects the senses.

cli o (nl) wrote: nothanks not my kinda thing

Michael K (it) wrote: Another one i am waiting for on DVD. What is with these companies not releasing movies on DVD?

Jason G (ag) wrote: I'd watch Oliver Reed in pretty much anything he's ever done.... but THE HUNTING PARTY also happens to give us Gene Hackman in full sadistic bastard mode, and a young Candice Bergman in a fairly strong and well played role. The Hunting Party also gives us a very well written and surprisingly graphic (for 1971) film to enjoy as well.The film monkeys around with morality... the guys you should be rooting for - - are actually really despicable villains... and the guys you should be rooting against... well, technically you should still be rooting against them... but you find yourself instead, compelled to cheer them on.A very entertaining movie.... Great performances...The ending is absolutely perfect.

Carlos M (nl) wrote: This charming classic may be the very first screwball comedy of Cinema, a funny, amusing and optimistic movie with a deliciously sharp dialogue and wonderful performances from Gable and Colbert, who have a great onscreen chemistry together.

Justin O (mx) wrote: A great fictional take on the real life war on drugs, with one of Snipes best roles, and Ice-T is great as an undercover cop.

Paul D (us) wrote: This movie is quite awful Amy Schumer is repulsive as you can get in real life and she tries to glorify her harmful attitude on film. This whole movie is just embarrassing for the most part. Although, I will give John Cena props for being the funniest person in the movie. Ultimately, I think this movie is just bad for people.