The Final Curtain

The Final Curtain

The Final Curtain is a British film from 2002 directed by Patrick Harkins and starring Peter O'Toole. It tells the story of J. J. Curtis, ageing gameshow host played by O'Toole, who hires novelist Jonathan Stitch (Adrian Lester) to pen his biography, in the hope of sealing his immortality in the hearts and minds of the British public. This is made more difficult by his rivalry with fellow gameshow host Dave Turner (Aidan Gillen), and events from his past.

A rivalry develops between a showbiz veteran and an upstart newcomer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jbells16 B (kr) wrote: Encouraging film, however I'm surprised a Bishop would write a film with so much profanity

Denise C (br) wrote: Love this movie, should be a panther 2 far too much to still be said.

Victor M (es) wrote: Cronenberg's grotesque and bizarre style is present in this film.

John Y (mx) wrote: Great Herbie movie, though you truly miss Dean Jones.

Michael B (nl) wrote: I thought he was a genius when I produced & directed this in 1971...and time has only proved his greatness...the legend lives on.

rosemarie s (us) wrote: enjoy the Lifetime type plots & Danielle Steel's stories - tend to be juicy...

Phenyeia O (ca) wrote: Outstanding movie John Wayne is my family favorite actor

Carlos M (mx) wrote: A visceral revenge story whose nerve-wracking tension is combined so well with a dark sense of humor as it follows the inept (and sometimes hilarious) efforts of its amateur protagonist, moving in a deliberate, slow-burning pace towards a lacerating conclusion.

Christopher E (fr) wrote: Although "Charlie St. Cloud" is fueled by a passionate Zac Efron and gorgeous, although overused scenery, it is much to confusing and blindsided to provide a sensible story.Charlie was a young boy who had his whole life ahead of him. He had a full ride toward College and on top of that, was a loving and affectionate brother. One day, tragedy strikes as he starts to lose everything dear to him and through a series of events, will have to find the will to move on and start a new life.At this moment, I myself am writing a screenplay semi similar to this one, where the supernatural is combined with reality, so that's the main reason why I decided to watch this film. This film held plenty of potential, and I was actually mildly entertained by it, but overall, this film wasn't able to satisfy completely.To start out, let's talk about Zac Efron. Efron is a large name in Hollywood due to his days in "High School Musical", and has been able to build a steady career since then. However, many of his movies have fallen far short of expectations, but although his filmography isn't the strongest, that doesn't stray from the fact that this kid has talent. He always brings a charm and likableness to his roles that makes him an easy protagonist. In this film, he brings more than a few emotional scenes where he's just completely broke down, and you can't help but feel for the guy. When put in the right role, I think Efron can easily continue to build upon his career, but for him, he must choose higher quality productions. This movie also impressed with irrelevant, yet gorgeous scenery. It felt like there was always something that looked beautiful on screen, as they used a heavy amount of dream like scenery. Although it is irrelevant at times (unnecessary for the scene), it doesn't hurt to look at. In fact, it makes your eyes light up with joy while you watch the cinematography play out.Although the plot is interesting enough, there ultimately isn't much depth to the film. In a better phrase, it lacks the consistency and realism to really make an impact on you emotionally. Although it's entertaining, it feels like the film jumps all over the place in an attempt to surprise you, but in the end, it just turns out cheesy and predictable. In the end, I actually had a decent time with this movie. It's not awful by any means, but it also isn't worth going out of your way to watch. It's a great casual watch with a strong Zac Efron performance and some great visuals, but ultimately fails to supply a meaningful story. The finale really disappointed me, and since the movie really couldn't finish strong, I can't give it a fresh rating, despite the entertainment I garnered from the film.

Thomas P (ag) wrote: Great juvenile fun, carried along by Sandler, firing on all of his silliest cylinders, but it really works here.He's most accessible in this one, and you will find a big percolating joy that flourishes though the whole movie.If you don't mind Sandler reliving high school as an all-lucky-hits success with plenty of goofing around, then this is the comedy for you. Also, If you've ever been frustrated by golf as in getting a lucky shot and spending the rest of your time trying unsuccessfully to recreate that lucky shot, well, this movie will give you some grins.The Bob Barker scene is brilliant -Worth the rental price alone.4 running gold swings out of 5

Isa D (jp) wrote: Harry Brown is one of the finest films I have ever seen about the existential dilemma of modern urban life. Not only does Michael Caine give one of the consummate performances of his career, with integrity, nuance and a quiet power which allows the viewer, through his eyes, to witness what it is about when poor, aging, and facing total societal decay, but the screenplay is very well written and the story is riveting. The loneliness and starkness of Harry Brown's life, with his beloved wife in the last phases of Alzheimer disease, his one friend, Len, played by the excellent David Bradley, and the lawless but absolute control of the "estate housing" or public projects in a nameless place in the UK by a gang of teens and young men seemingly without souls or any moral compass. Their occupations are seemingly to deal drugs, arms and young women, intimidate and bully and murder the men, women and children of the area. And the police, shown very realistically, because completely ineffective in protecting the tenants. Sadly, this is part of what is happening all over the world. Unemployed and futureless boys on the cusp of manhood are infantilized and often without father figures capable of teaching them what it is to be a man, to protect, to be noble. In a "Lord of the Flies" type hierarchy they are depicted in the film as remorseless and disrespectful, vicious and displaying such misogyny that they shoot down a young mother with her pram just for fun in the opening of the movie. The police are so inadequate in their response, so tied up in a blinding bureaucracy that we buy in completely to the later actions taken by our "hero", Harry Brown. We root for him at all moments as he expresses in his actions what we all would secretly wish to do. Get the bad guys who are the seed of Satan in the modern urban landscape. We might be bleeding heart liberals and feel and understand in a sophisticated way why some turn to crime. But this is about those who have relinquished any connection to the civilizing forces of society. Their anger has taken them over the edge and they are monsters. They are unredeemable. I suppose some did not like that characterization. Too black and white. But there is a truth to it which allows all the white slaving and sexual trafficking, the unreported rapes and domestic abuse of extreme nature which indeed exists, the bullying and random crime. As a psychologist I clearly understand that some people are psychopaths and I can understand that extreme childhood trauma can create human beings so cut off from any normal human emotion that they become, in the right situation, like monsters. Serial killers, gangsters. As I age I see how bleak it all has become, the breakdown of family and neighborhood, the fearful apathy even here in Europe where family is still a huge common value. This movies covers it all with subtle brilliance. The acting is such beyond excellent. I recommend seeing this film more than once, as I have, to truly appreciate its excellence. I saw it in 2010, when it came out in the cinema, and then again today, in late 2014. Michael Caine should have gotten the Oscar for this role.And this is a movie that makes one think. Can we truly expect that the "law abiding" people should just stand back while their children are raped, bullied, murdered or recruited by gangs, which are themselves but the arms of organized crime rings. Is it right to let the often inept, understaffed and obtuse police departments respond alone knowing we will often be dead before they finally respond to the emergency calls. When they don't just take care of these problems, because they are "whack a mole" type problems, is vigilantism the answer in some cases? Thought provoking to say the least. Because which is more dangerous? Which kills a community more?