The Final Cut

The Final Cut

Set in a world with memory implants, Robin Williams plays a cutter, someone with the power of final edit over people's recorded histories. His latest assignment is one that puts him in danger.

Set in a world with memory implants, Robin Williams plays a cutter, someone with the power of final edit over people's recorded histories. His latest assignment is one that puts him in danger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sharon O (de) wrote: cant really rate this movie coz i aint seen it yet but if its like the 1st 1 with tom hank in then its bound 2 b hilarios

Eric S (us) wrote: 14/30. Enough of an insult to the British sense of humour to make one wonder whether the film is meant to be a satire of the genre, in spite of the few laughs that manage to rise above the muddle.

Guinevere R (kr) wrote: I really liked this movie. It wasn't as predictable as I thought while I was watching it - nice little twist ending but it did fail to completely answer all the questions and felt a little like the easy way out. However, in spite of that I still really liked it and would recommend it.

Muriel O (au) wrote: Muss een gaer hun natierlech, et ass eng Verfilmung iwert d'Uschi Obermaier, en Nacktmodell/Groupie. Jo do ass vill Sex an plakesch Leit. Waat een jo un sech net wonneren dierft, an dach hun d'Leit sech grad doriwwer opgereegt :-)

Dharam V (it) wrote: being a comic aint rosy... whether youre a rookie like orny adams or a pro like jerry seinfeld... watch it

Jens L (ag) wrote: I like Marvel movies...but let's face it, I can't stand Ben Affleck and his terrible acting...Jennifer Garners neither...a pretty face and fake green eyes won't do it, girl. The score is tastefully terrible god, it's like the director was an 80s fan...the actual tv series is superior in every single aspect.

Ivan J (it) wrote: Not nearly as good as Natural Born Killers. There is graphic violence and drug use galore but the Bonnie and Clye excitement is not reborn, mostly due to the weak script and pretentious directing.But if you enjoyed NBK, this movie may be worth your time.

Benn R (ag) wrote: A true work of genius!

Mel (de) wrote: and i have to say that the only music played in the film is one of the best. \o/

Paul D (it) wrote: Fine low budget horror-chiller, with a good eerie, but modern day mood captured in the direction.

Joao De B (kr) wrote: Romero e Stephen King juntos! deu isto! Uma antologia de pequenas historias! A minha preferida: ver Leslie Nielsen como um diabolico psicopata!

Jeff T (au) wrote: One of greatest films you may never see. We can only hope that Criterion gets their hands on this from WB for a blu-ray release.

Brian B (fr) wrote: A classic horror movie that would have been better if Chaney were allowed to act instead of being a mindless brute. He was a much better actor than he got credit for.

Stuart K (mx) wrote: Based upon the 1959 play of the same name by French playwright Jean Anouilh, which was optioned by producer Hal B. Wallis (True Grit (1969)), and directed by Peter Glenville (Hotel Paradiso (1966) and The Comedians (1967)), this is a power character drama which put two of the most enigmatic actors of the time together on screen. It makes for a riveting period piece that is beautifully put together. Set between 1160 and 1170, it focuses on the friendship between Saxon protg Thomas Becket (Richard Burton) and King Henry II (Peter O'Toole). When Henry makes Becket his Lord Chancellor, it becomes a decision he soon comes to regret, and after falling out with Theodore of Bec, the Archbishop of Canterbury (Felix Aylmer), Henry appoints Becket as the new Archbishop of Canterbury, but after Becket excommunicates Lord Gilbert (Donald Wolfit) over the murder of a priest for misdemeanors. Henry completely loses it, and Becket escapes to France, where he goes to French King Louis VII (John Gielgud), where they discuss what Becket's next move should be. It's a well made film, maybe a little overlong for it's own good, but it benefits from lush cinematography by Geoffrey Unsworth, but it's worth it for the battle of wills at the heart of the film played out by Burton and O'Toole, who play off each other brilliantly. O'Toole reprised King Henry II for The Lion in Winter (1968).

Henry P (it) wrote: A long time ago, in a movie far, far away... Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) are high on madness! We open with two kids who are left outside a convenience store, and then jump to their grown-up selves hanging out in front of said store, still doing their thing. When they learn that a comic based on them is being made into a movie, but they were never set to receive royalties they deserve, Jay and Silent Bob boldly go where movies are made: Hollywood. Along the way, these two-dimensional stoners make complete spectacles of themselves, especially when they get involved in some deep bantha poodu with a federal wildlife marshal (Will Ferrell) and many others in a star-studded cast that delivers dirty, yet hilarious one-liners throughout, wasting no time getting to the titular character's dumb, profanity-ridden, yet somehow hilarious, mission... quest... thing. The look and feel is cinematic and weird at the same time, which works for the quirky tone and more drug references, innuendos and double entendres than you can shake a sack of diamonds at! The characters are weak, but the raw, unrestrained comedy is hilarious and offensive, so fair warning, whoever you are, there will be stuff that offends you, and stuff that'll make you laugh so hard, it's not even funny.

bill s (us) wrote: Not up to Red October but still watchable......think average CIA version of Indiana Jones.