The Final Girl

The Final Girl

Three Parisian women discover that their lives are delicately interconnected to a mysterious fourth woman, who remains tantalizingly out of reach.

Three Parisian women discover that their lives are delicately interconnected to a mysterious fourth woman, who remains tantalizingly out of reach. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael F (gb) wrote: This film takes itself way too seriously. It has such a silly premise, some humor would have been nice, but instead you get a really dark and depressing story of a woman in a downward spiral

Robert H (ca) wrote: TYRANNOSAUR is no easy film to take in. It is a window into a very harsh, unforgiving environment populated with with people that have a lot of personal pain. It is also brutally honest in its assessment of the world as a violent place that pushes us to our limits. Still, it isn't all depressing because of chance encounters in which we meet people who seem to be very different from us on the surface, masking pain that is very similar to our own. This is the type of story that TYRANNOSAUR tells, and all from first-time feature director Paddy Considine. He gets strikingly real performances out of his actors and shows a firm directorial hand. There is hardly anything to gripe about here, save a couple of moments of animal cruelty which could turn off a lot of people. I must admit that I was somewhat revolted in those scenes, but they still felt organic to the story. One major theme explored is what people do when pushed to their limits, and there are many instances throughout the film in which this is shown. I don't really want to spoil anything specific, so if a dark psychological drama is something you're into then this will probably be one of the best you'll see.

Nathan O (us) wrote: I'm not sure why a white guy is playing a Ninja, but I am a fan of Scott Adkins either way. Awesome martial artist since Jean-Claude Van Damme. The action is really good even though the story lacked, but you'll enjoy it.

Scott C (au) wrote: Well made WW II spy film, based on a true story. James Mason's charisma is the glue that holds this together. Neat to see exteriors were shot in the actual locations.

Jenniffer n (br) wrote: Excellent story, good preformances. Way better that what i expected. I havent read the book so i dont know if is faithful to it.EDIT: After whatching other adaptacion of mansfield park i now see how badly made this one was.....

Private U (de) wrote: This one was worse than the first one, and using footage from the original of how good Angie looked 13 years earlier,... cheap trick.

Carmen C (mx) wrote: Aki Kaurismaki ??????????, ??????????????,????, ???????????,?????????..... ?????????,????,?, ????, , ?.?????????, ?????????,?????????????, ???????????????????????,????????????,??????????????, ??????.... ???????????,???????????,???, ????????????,70???????????????, ?????????? ??????,??????????...

Jeff B (ag) wrote: Good Troma fun with some decent music and makeup.

Bill B (gb) wrote: A rather paint by numbers teen sex romp, with a younger guy falling hard for his tutor, but it has its moments sprinkled throughout. The tutor is a cutie, so this one is worth a peep if you have an afternoon to kill.Rental?

Scott J (es) wrote: If you wanna watch the cliff notes version of the TV show.

Jens T (it) wrote: Alejandro Jodorowsky first feature film, which tell us the surrealistic story about two lovers on their dangeous journey to paradise. It's still isn't that good as El Topo nor any of Jodorowsky but it's a start. Some of the scenes in this film are grotesque, deals with such themes as love and hate, simply human.

Greg W (es) wrote: born of Disney's trip to south America