The Final Inquiry

The Final Inquiry

It is the year 33 of the Vulgar Era. The Emperor Tiberius is troubled by strange phenomena, an earthquake and the sky turning black as an eclipse. His astrologers give him fair warning: their omens indicate that the world is in the throes of a great upheaval and that old gods have been annihilated. A new kingdom is about to rise in the East. The Emperor calls Tito Valerio Tauro, the most prominent

In 35 A.D., a Roman tribune is sent to Palestine to investigate the death and possible resurrection of a certain Jesus from Nasareth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric C (nl) wrote: my daughter loved it! totally for young girls and it was enjoyable enough for me as a parent!

Eric B (fr) wrote: Funny College Movie...Not bad for a low budget...

Sarah Ann K (jp) wrote: This was a wonderful movie. It strayed a little from the book and left out, what I thought, were two very major things from the book; but on the whole it was great. I still cry every time I watch it.

Josephine C (us) wrote: It was more hilarious than thrilling, cute co-stars and thought-provoking underlying message on where money can go (i.e. millions of dollars in change taken from people who use ATMs). All in all an okay movie but I am not sure that I would pay to watch it.

Alec B (gb) wrote: every character is annoying in their own way

Carlos H (au) wrote: a very strong and effective movie. One of the better prison films out there. Not for the those with a weak stomach for prison violence, Russian style...

Victoria S (de) wrote: Scared the crap out of me when I seen it in a theatre as a child. Watched it when I got older and thought it was kind of silly but still can't deal with dummy's.

Grace C (es) wrote: it was not great. i am not a big fan of katie holmes. i think she is still acting like she is still on dawson's creek. well movies are not tv shows. it was okay. but it could have been way better.

Ethan P (br) wrote: Glengarry Glen Ross is brimming with sharp dialogue and a ferocious battle between a slew of powerful actors, fighting desperately to keep their jobs.

Al M (ca) wrote: An entertaining late-80s slasher film with elements of the supernatural, I, Madman concerns a woman whose passion for horror novels takes a dark turn when the events she reads about in an obscure novel begin to occur in reality.

Tim R (nl) wrote: This was by far the best of the Roger Moore Bonds. Lots of action and suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Daniel O (de) wrote: so the main actor has artificially-enlarged cheekbones. i shit you not. the middle of the movie gets kinda weird, but the battle of ranked killers against each other is that ill shit nigga

Harpreet S (it) wrote: Jean-Luc Godard's "Two or Three Things I Know About Her" is one of his most challenging films. Through Ebert's review, I've come to learn that Godard made "Made in U.S.A" at the same time, would shoot one in the morning and the other in the afternoon; here is an excerpt from Ebert's review: "Why did I agree to make both at the same time? Pride, I think. It's a sort of bet. A performance. As if a musician were to conduct two orchestras at once, each playing a different symphony." As for "Made in U.S.A," I think it is one of Godard's masterpieces. I'm not so sure of "Two or Three..." I had a very difficult time understanding this, before I could fully read the subtitles and interpret them in my mind, another one would start. It clearly hints at what Godard would do in his later works. Very briefly, it involves a housewife who does prostitution on the side. I viewed this film twice in two days and still it is almost entirely incomprehensible; there are actors breaking the fourth wall, quoting from and about literature, among other things. Not to say it wasn't a rewarding experience, it also has Godard's usual political agendas, which I had almost no clue of. Marina Vlady is the lead; she was quite charming and lovely in her performance and delivering the lines. Godard narrates the film in a whisper and I'm sure if he wanted he could write volumes of brilliant books; his movies consist one of the finest screenplays you'll ever see, even though there is the likely chance we will only understand them in fragments and not as a whole. "Two or Three Things I Know About Her" joins "Contempt," "Band of Outsiders," and "Passion" as one of his few second-tier works.Narrator: What is art? Form becoming style; but the style is the man; therefore art is the humanizing of forms.

Devin L (au) wrote: It's a good movie, but the Americanized version of the original Godzilla has been chopped up so much that the poignant and thought-provoking message of the Japanese version is completely left out.

Dylan D (kr) wrote: Home on the Range isn't just the product of a then-ailing traditional animation production house, it's one of the worst animated films in Disney's canon. (Is it hyperbolic to suggest it's one of the worst feature films in the history of animation? I'll let you mull that one over.)

Michael T (fr) wrote: Another Atom Egoyan film with a great concept that isn't very successfully executed.