The Final Prophecies

The Final Prophecies

The validity of ancient prophecy has been debated for centuries and is one of the most controversial subjects in the world today. Join Ronnie Cohen as you go on an epic journey to uncover the secrets behind Middle Eastern prophecy and discover shocking statistical evidence that proves there is more to Biblical history than many believe. Shocking new research reveals that the prophecies foretelling frightening global changes that could usher in a period tribulation and death may be more plausible than many believe. No matter your belief system, the findings presented within this film may change your view of prophecy forever!

The validity of ancient prophecy has been debated for centuries and is one of the most controversial subjects in the world today. Join Ronnie Cohen as you go on an epic journey to uncover ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Final Prophecies torrent reviews

Farsheed F (nl) wrote: I always wonder how they keep making more of these and then I realized I'm the problem

Suresh L (nl) wrote: The theme, technical excellence and absence of background score and songs are truly commendable. Fulls marks to the effort of Gautham! Where the movie could have done a lot better is the screenplay and dialogs. If the lead actor was a seasoned one, we never know how brilliant this could have turned out...maybe it could have been compromised too.Worth a watch, purely for the bold initiative!

YOUNG JOO W (ca) wrote: It was hard to understand because I was hard to catch heroine's mind.However it left a long aftertaste. Thus I want to watch this movie again.

Jason (nl) wrote: That is a great Movie!!! One of his best I thought.

Jill W (ru) wrote: An hour and a half of my life I won't get back.

Yisraela Y (mx) wrote: fantasy and reality alternate and intersect in this beautifully animated korean film. the animation is fascinating. the fantasy scenes in particular are amazing. although it took some time to figure out the plot, which seems secondary to the music and the animation, i nevertheless enjoyed the story of nam-woo, his family, and his friend , jun-ho.

Matt H (ag) wrote: Some interesting stuff, but it's mostly lost in this stretched out musical that doesn't nearly have enough story to go with its running length. Also doesn't help I just watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers shortly before Oklahoma, when that movie handles similar settings and style much better.

Bryan W (ca) wrote: What the hell was the ending all about? He's a fish?

Jeff B (kr) wrote: This is in my opinion the best Jet Li has to offer. Violent, brutal fight scenes are plenty an the action is at it fastest. The addition of the child fighter who plays his son makes this even better. The story is crazy, the action is violent and over the top, and the characters are some of the best ever in a kung fu movie. If you haven't seen it do yourself a favor and watch this movie!!!!

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James H (jp) wrote: It's nothing more than an overblown disaster movie (No pun intended). It is probably best known for one of the dumbest title mistakes ever done - Krakatoa is west of Java. There are some good special effects, the story is too hokey though and the performances are wooden and lack spark. Mildly entertaining and too long.

Indira S (ru) wrote: i wish there're even more Ginger & Fred Scenes in this movie

Andrew P (mx) wrote: This was appalling on every level, terrible script, terrible story, terrible acting, terrible effects, terrible costumes, terrible sets. This film didn't just walk the gallows, it was fully hung, drawn and quartered. Absolute shocker. I sympathise with the attempt to adapt a comic book type of story hence the 1/2 a star.

Joanne M (it) wrote: I cannot remember how it ended...

James V (ag) wrote: This film is definitely more partying and less football, which creates a lack of bonding and friendship between the characters. I think a lot of the fans of the show will have trouble liking the movie because of this; however, the movie itself has many funny parts and surprisingly good cinematography. Being 5 years since the show ended, you can tell a noticeable difference in the actors ages, which is somewhat distracting, but doesn't inhibit the story. The Rise of Thailand is very funny, but lacks the team quality that made the show a success.