The Final Quest

The Final Quest

Three old friends reminisce about their old haunts. Hearing that a coffee bar they frequented in their youth is reopening with a rock 'n' roll theme, Dave, Charlie and Ronno decide to pay a visit. Third film in The Quest Trilogy.

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The Final Quest torrent reviews

Gil S (au) wrote: "B" movie...more like "D" movie...

Jason S (kr) wrote: Janet McTeer is the best thing about this film who has a plot that has been done to death! Her Mary Poppins like assassIn leaves you wanting her character in a film of its own.

Vuk S (mx) wrote: Lets just say that it is stupid seeing Tim Allen portray a "gangster". Other than that, this is a basic forgettable comedy.

Shelby L (au) wrote: Heartbreaking. The performances were brilliant. I give it 5 stars just for that scene at the end with the song lyrics.

Waleed A (nl) wrote: entertaining, funny with some good action scenes. but it was also really dumb, and reeked of desperately trying to bank on the memorable parts of the previous movies. lots of dumb stuff, cheesiness, and over the top-ness (3 viewings)

Lance U (nl) wrote: This should have been in the beginning of the Ring Two

bill s (ag) wrote: The premise sounds familiar as does the script but good performances make this thriller passable.

Aaron G (fr) wrote: A charming movie that - to be cliche - makes you think "Why don't they make movies like this anymore?"

Casey B (mx) wrote: Wandered upon this because Criterion. An entertaining flick whose greatest virtue is its unpredictability. Its influence on films as wide ranging as Buffalo 66 and True Romance is clear.

Bruce B (br) wrote: The Third in my Halloween Film Series. A 1973 Black Horror Film with a guess appearances near end of Black Comedian and a Blues Singer. But here we have a Vietnam Vet who returns to the US after stepping on a land mind and having both arms and legs blown off. But Doctor Frank Stein grows home new legs and arms and everything is going fine until a jealous lab tech screws Eddie up with wrong injections, creating the Black Monster Blankenstein. This had to be a Drive In Special, 3 Stars.

Justin B (de) wrote: One of the more lovable 90's misfires.

Tree E (br) wrote: Unneccesarily violent