The Final Sacrifice

The Final Sacrifice

Fleeing from the cult that murdered his father, a teen is aided in his quest to find the lost city of the fabled Ziox by a secretive drifter.

Fleeing from the cult that murdered his father, a teen is aided in his quest to find the lost city of the fabled Ziox by a secretive drifter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bindu C (us) wrote: Entertainment, a slapstick comedy by Sajid - Farhad, turns out to be a light entertainer. I could hear people bursting out into laughter inside the theatre and kept on wondering why the movie didn't excite me enough. In spite of my personal dislike for this genre, let me put across my review without any bias. Can't deny the fact that the movie's tone is very light. The titular character of the movie is Entertainment - a dog which was named so since he was the only source of entertainment for his rich-but-lonely master. The title is even justified by one-liners having mention of the Bollywood Personalities, Bollywood Movies' names and Television Serials / Personalities. Digs at various TV shows viz. Teleshopping, Weight Reduction Capsules, Serials with Family Melodrama are also taken. Emotional connect between human beings and pets, the need to take care of the pets, possessing the virtues of the pets viz. loyalty and courage are also projected. Logic, no room for the same in this movie since this is how, it is meant to be - Mindless Entertainment. This is definitely very much unlike the whole slew of comedy films which we have seen in the recent past. You may enjoy watching this movie, if you like comedy movies. The movie begins with Riteish Deshmukh as a host of TV show which is into teleshopping of Jagtap Capsules for miraculous weight reduction and showcases one of the beneficiary as Akhil Lokhande (Akshay Kumar). Akhil is working extra hours / odd jobs viz. dancing, modelling, umpire for local cricket competition etc. and leaves no stones unturned for earning more so as to take care of his ailing father (Darshan Jariwala) who is hospitalized since one year. Jugnoo (Krushna Abhishek), Akhil's friend, runs DVD parlour "Mere Paas CineMAA Hai" and he speaks dialogues with inane cross-references to Bollywood movie names, personalities. Jugnoo is completely filmy. Akhil's romantic interest is soap-opera actress Sakshi (Tamannaah Bhatia). Sakshi's stingy and greedy father (Mithun Chakraborty) challenges Akhil and tells him to earn atleast a crore to get Sakshi in his life. Akhil learns that his biological father is Bangkok Diamond King Pannalal Johri (Dalip Tahil), multi-billionaire. The happiness factor hasn't even sinked in that a TV news flashes in regard to Pannalal's death. Akhil flies to Bangkok for funeral and to claim the property. But his dreams get shattered, when he gets further shock from Pannalal's Urdu-spouting Manager Habibullah (Johny Lever) that the whole property has been inherited by Entertainment (Junior - a pet dog). An envious and agonized Akhil decides to stay back and compete with the dog to inherit 3000 crores. Akhil along with Jugnoo employs all sorts of wiles to keep Entertainment, the dog, at bay. They try various methods to annihilate Entertainment viz. electric shock, seduction, chloroform, poison etc. Villainous siblings Karan-Arjun (Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood), Dabbang 1 and Dabbang 2 villains, second cousins of Pannalal also enter the scene so as to claim the property of Pannalal. What happens thereafter ? Does Akhil keeps fighting with the dog or he starts fighting for the dog against Karan-Arjun? How does the drama unfold?Undoubtedly the star of the show is Entertainment, the retriever dog. Akshay has done this in the past as well. Krushna is entertaining in a total filmy style, and is noticeable. Mithun da and Tamannah have less screen time. Johny Lever is good. Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood don't generate hatred rather funny. Dalip Tahil is seen mostly in a framed garlanded portrait. Screenplay is done in a total filmy style. Bollywood directors, actors, producers, TV shows, producers etc. are part of the dialogues which is mostly delivered by Krushna (Jugnoo). Certain examples: "I Rajni Can't (Rajnikant) believe it". Krushna asks Akshay: Kahan Chale Sonakshi Sinha Taan ke? Later, when Akshay escapes death, he says "Prabhu Deva ki Mahima Chaudhary thi jo tu bach gaya". To cheer up gloomy Akshay, Krushana says: Itna Pankaj Udhas mat ban". Soap opera actress Tamanna's one dialogue: "Humari Ekta humein Shobha nahi deti". 60% of the dialogues are in this flavour. Akshay also has this habit of back answering in a unique form. One example of his conversation with Tamannah:Tamannah: Mujhe line maaroge?Akshay: Pencil hum, jo line maarunga?Tamannah: Mujhse chipkoge?Akshay: Feviko hum, jo chipkunga?Tamannah: Mujhe kiss karoge?Akshay: Imran Hashmi hum jo kiss karunga?There is a scene, where Entertainment and its canine mates, ranging from Bulldogs, Pugs, Alsatians, German Shepherd etc. show up in great numbers and sit together in a luxurious car is hilarious. Entertainment can be a fun ride for you, if you like this genre. It is a clean movie taking dig at the very 'Entertainment' Industry in a light-hearted manner. Warning for those who don't like comedy genre, this can be absolutely mindless!

rick r (ru) wrote: "Dead Walkers: Rise Of The 4th Reich" does little to raise any chills much less something as chilling as a new Nazi Reich. The film is directed by Philip Gardiner who also wrote the story and stars Philip Berzamanis, Jane Haslehurst, Bob Lee, Nathan Head in what is suppose to be a thriller/action gorefest. The film doesn't deliver on any of the intended vision the director was aiming for with this film. The story focuses on "Alpha One" played by Berzamanis who is forced into therapy to deal with a recent mission that entails a Nazi conspiracy and the occult. A powerful and destructive 4th Reich is being formed in "Dead Walkers". An army of hell is coming. Only one man knows the truth. His mission now, is to convince the world. Based on years of occult research and insider knowledge. The story has a pretty cool and interesting subject and the possibility was definitely there for "Dead Walkers" to be a pretty cool indie action gore flick. The only problem is the execution was a big fail. The visual high concept spectacle that invaded every action scene devoured the film and killed the moment. It was as if every gimmick learned in film school was thrown in just for the hell of it. Dial it back and build a great dialog based story that not only uses the reflective but also the active dialog between characters. Butting the whole of your dramatic aspects and humanistic points on a weak reflective conversation between two not- so-good actors is never wise. Combine that with the constant over-the- top tricks and industrial-rock video like effects that present in a MPD overload and "Dead Walkers: Rise Of The 4th Reich" does little to raise anything at all -entertainment value included. The upsides, and they are little, in "Dead Walkers" is the surreal, nightmare PTSD dream sequences and flashback scenes with some pretty cool, gore mania come together nicely. That should have been the crux of the visual artistry in this film to frame the action and the dramatic story. Unfortunately with all the other effects happening in the cinematography, these flashback/nightmare moments got lost in my irritation. Actually, the only other good highlight in this film was Philip Barzamanis' body-I give that a higher review than I do this film.

Al S (ca) wrote: A sharp, sophisticated, rich in character and smart action-thriller. An intelligent and suspenseful nail-biter that grabs you and does not want to let you go. It`s crisp and thrilling entertainment. It packs a full-clip of engaging drama, great character-development and explosive action. A swift. well-crafted and sensational movie. Its great stuff, it has a message and manages to be very entertaining. I really enjoyed it. An insightful, in depth and truly engaging movie. An extreamly gripping and emotionally compelling piece of work. A must-see. It has a great all-star cast. Andy Garcia gives a gritty and excellent performance. Forest Whitaker gives an remarkable and utterly riveting performance. Garcia and Whitaker are outstanding together. Kevin Durand is terrific. Deborah Kara Unger and Kim Coates are fantastic.

Luis A (mx) wrote: With a style reminiscent of Wes Anderson and Woody Allen, it's a love story that steps out of the classic romantic comedy mold. Finally a feature that showcases Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde's acting chops. Billy Crudup delivered with equal parts charm and insecurity.

Tor M (ru) wrote: Partly experimental film mostly focusing on the chase of the un-named man, acted by Vincent Gallo. Gallo is probably an assumed terrorist, but you never know for sure and there is probably US-soliders trying to hunt him down. All you know is that this is about "The Man's" survival in the wild nature. Think of it as a braver (film-wise) version of "The Fugitive" or "Rambo: First Blod".There is nearly no dialogue here and the main character does not say anything at all. It's tricky making a movie where sounds, cinematic techniques and body language are the most stand out effects. It's a good thing then that this is a beautifully captured film. Great nature shots and smooth camera handling. It's get a bit tense at times as well, but it never gets really breathtaking. Vincent Gallo, a very very special man I have heard, does brilliantly. He delivers a trustworthy job and he surely recieved a lot of pain for the role. Barefoot running in snow and ice cold baths for example. The film also got a weird touch with some sudden and unaxplained turns. Grafic weirdness is also shown, so be aware. A good film that leaves you with some questions - few of them are answered.

Tedd P (gb) wrote: A solid movie rife with great martial arts sequences, but you have to wait through the other scenes first

Igor T (ag) wrote: Worst movie ever. The book must be much better.

Sarah H (jp) wrote: Well, it's no Oscar winner, but it warmed my heart, and I like watching it over and over again. I have to admit that I'm a sucker for a good romcom.

Ryan M (ag) wrote: Alexander Sokurov made a big name for himself with "Russian Ark" a.k.a. that film that was done in a single take. His next film "Father And Son" is a disappointment, intended to be the 2nd part of a trilogy with his eloquent 1997 film "Mother And Son" and a future film yet to be made, this one focuses on the titular relationship. It's a nice looking film concerning the love/hate relationship between military student Alexei and his lonely father, however there are a few scenes which added little to nothing, the acting was OK the dialogue feels a little forced and the alleged homoeroticism (a term which only comes up whenever two men have their shirt off) has put plenty of people off. Even for a relatively short film it seems to drag quite hard, that lack of focus doesn't help either. It works OK as a visual poem/psychological study, watch "Mother And Son" instead, or Andrei Zvyagintsev's "The Return".

Amber A (us) wrote: I really enjoyed watching this. Excellent twist. I love Rebecca De Mornay.

Toteaux P (au) wrote: I was curious to know more about Ian Fleming. This film answered my curiosity although I was not fully satisfied. Fleming's life was more complicated than what Jason played. Jason did not play bad, but I think Lewis Collins could have been better (was Collins too old?).

Ross M (ru) wrote: A rather pointless christmas movie, about a girl who finds an injured reindeer, and believing it to be one of Santa's reindeer nurses it back to health. some how saving the spirit of christmas in the process. rubbish. The only notable thing is that it stars Sam Elliot and a young Johnny Galecki (from TV's Big Bang Theory)

Ice R (nl) wrote: Interesting, but nothing rewatchable.

TiFfAnY H (jp) wrote: i have seen this movie a billion times i just need to buy it lol but anyways all the actors are men and the 'women' are men as well its a great jolly good time filled with drag queens i loooove them oh so much!!

angel m (ag) wrote: Again Ewwwww.. Crazzy Makes my skin crawl!!

John C (ru) wrote: One of the original independent films and maybe one of the most "alive" films I've ever seen. Still potent and powerful after all these years.