The Final Season

The Final Season

True story of Kent Stock, who in the early 90's, gives up a job and ditches his wedding plans to take over as head coach as the Norway High School baseball team. Kent must win over his players and convince them and himself that he can fill their former coach's shoes and that they can go out winners. In the summer of 1991 Norway High's baseball tradition ended on a triumphant but sombre note.

Kent Stock disrupts his life to become coach of the Norway High School baseball team and try to lead them to victory. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (nl) wrote: Thrilling revenge story with an incredibly inept protagonist. Mesmerizing.

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Stuart K (kr) wrote: Directed by Tom Kalin (Swoon (1992)), this is an independent film shot in Spain, which tells the tragic and unusual story of Antony Baekeland, it's a story so unbelievable, you can't believe it really happened. The film in itself does skim over a few things, and the climax seems to happen a bit to quickly, but it does have some brilliant performances even if it is a very cold, uncomfortable film. Antony Baekeland (Eddie Redmayne) was born to Barbara Daly Baekeland (Julianne Moore) and Brooks Baekeland (Stephen Dillane), Brooks is the heir to the Bakelite plastics fortune, and he boasts of how Bakelite successfully weathered the storm of the Great Depression. Anthony was born in New York, but he moved to Paris in the late 1950's and then onto Majorca and the Spanish-resort of Cadaques, in the mid 1960's. It was there where Anthony came out as a homosexual, much to the disapproval of Barbara, who tries to fix him by ordering prostitutes for him to have sex with, but this doesn't work, and it turns creepier after some time. Even if you think you have a dysfunctional family, you can be assured that they're NOTHING compared to the Baekeland family, Moore is brilliant as is Redmayne, who make his name with this film, plus Kalin was able to have Barcelona double for New York, London, Majorca and Paris, which is a great achievement.

Marcus W (es) wrote: Decent film about self-sacrifice and friendship.

Grant S (ru) wrote: It is a sweltering summer day in Los Angeles and a man (known only by his car registration: D-Fens) is stuck in his car in an early-morning traffic jam. It is his daughter's birthday and his only aim is to see her on her special day. Abandoning his car in the traffic he sets out to get to the house of his ex-wife to see his daughter. Along the way he meets all manner of obstacles, causing his pent-up frustration at the hindrances and absurdities of life and cynicism and criminality of average people to boil over. What follows is a peaceful man's violent odyssey, an odyssey to see his daughter. Excellent movie. The story is very relatable and engaging - an everyday man is pushed to his limit by criminals, employers, unethical or overly-officious store owners, bigots and society in general and lashes out. Years of toeing the line have got him nowhere - his wife has divorced him and taken his daughter with her and he is a pushover. Now, when all he wants is one small pleasure - to see his daughter - even that becomes an impossible task. The scenarios are very plausible and frustrating and have you supporting D-Fens, for the most part (more on that later). Some very funny situations too - the fast food scene was hilarious.However, while it starts funny the movie gets darker as more aspects of D-fens' character are revealed. Great character progression.On that note, the one problem with the movie is the way the central character is presented. Initially he is a hero, as his "victims" are quite loathsome - incorrigible store managers, gangsters, neo-Nazi bigots. However, later on his target selection is more erratic and irrational - golf clubs, plastic surgeons, construction workers/highways. He is also presented as not being entirely sane. While his progression/degeneration from rational vigilante to irrational cynic is plausible, this diminishes his hero status and muddies the message somewhat.Great work by Michael Douglas in the lead role. Solid performance by Robert Duvall as the police detective, Prendergast. Good support from Barbara Hershey and Rachel Ticotin.

Steve S (au) wrote: This was a Hanks movie that I had never heard of until I saw it on television, just recently. It wasn't one of his better performances.

Paul D (gb) wrote: Social drama with plenty of good humorous observations on contemporary Japanese life without being detrimental to the plot. The story is more soap-opera than big screen.