The Finger

The Finger

In this lively Spanish-Argentine comic fantasy, two luckless actors get angry and with the help of a high school drama class jolt a sleepy, rural Argentina town into taking much-needed political action.

In the tradition of O' Brother Where Art Thou and the Irish Waking Ned, and set in a wonderfully photographic, Southamerican environment comes this comedy. Hilarious characters pulling ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elisabeth B (kr) wrote: True film making is telling a story without words. This film is about a 19 year old in a youth detention centre who takes on a job picking up dead bodies for the mortician ... and throughout the film it is revealed he has commit murder and is also looking for his birth mother. The screenplay and acting should win awards. STUNNING movie.

Jon L (br) wrote: Even though I have yet to read the book, the movie does wonders in telling a story. You connect with a fostered girl in Nazi Germany who is taught to read by her parents in the midst of the Holocaust. Persecution is something to be afraid of. The Book Thief was such a great narrative but it felt as though there was no written conclusion. There are plots that simply drift away and re-insert themselves back in causing plot holes.

Dennis R (br) wrote: I was expecting much more from this film. It's not terrible by any measure (everything looks authentically gritty, the tone is suitably grim and the acting is great) but unfortunately it rests too easily on clich (C)s and relies far too heavily on violence as a dramatic device rather than spending time crafting three-dimensional, real characters and meaningful events with emotional depth.

Bhagyalakshmi D (br) wrote: This is one movie I've enjoyed IMMENSELY! I could watch it a hundred times and not get bored.Abhay Deol's peformance is so honest and his character "Viren" is extremely likable. Imtiaz Ali's direction - very impressive.The conversations, the dialogues & the characters in the movie are so normal and free of melodramatics, that you relate easily.Not a single dull moment and just so much fun to watch, Socha Na Tha is a genuine take at love and how it happens at the randomest of times.4 & a half stars! [because only The Godfather & Dil Chahta Hai get 5 stars from me! XD]

Bobby W (br) wrote: Definitely not the greatest film ever made, but not very deserving of the hate it received either. In truth, there were parts from the book that were sorely missed in the film adaptation. However, this was a beautifully shot, and beautifully acted so-close-almost-there masterpiece that deserves way more credit for what it was trying to accomplish. I was a fan of the book, and I am ultimately a fan of the film as well. In a world where every film is either a rehash, reboot, or sequel--It's nice to know some folks out there will give it there all to bring art to life. Walter Salles poured his heard and soul into this, and it shows.

Eric N (au) wrote: simple, slow, sweet, involving, inspiring. the story really explores and you just don't know at all what'll happen.

Brad S (de) wrote: I liked this one, I hadn't seen it since it was in theatres almost 25years ago. It's got a fun ptremise, and Murray is excellent, and it's also got a top-notch supporting cast of character actors such as: Tony Shaloub, Philip Bosco, Kurtwood Smith, Stanley Tucci, Stave Park and Victor Ardo. Give it a try!

Luc T (us) wrote: One of the worst films ever made.

Jeremy S (nl) wrote: Another lets make some cash off doing stupid things with a bad storyline

Craig C (it) wrote: Beyond description. Just as good as the book it's based on and of the Eighties finest movies.

Austin F (ag) wrote: 62% Dead Man's Chest uses the same elements that made the first movie, to make a long, repetitive and okay sequel.