The Fire Within

The Fire Within

Alain Leroy is a recovering alcoholic who decides to end his life, but first decides to visit his friends in Paris one last time, in an attempt at finding a reason to continue living.

Alain Leroy is having a course of treatment in a private hospital because of his problem with alcohol. Although he is constantly distressed, he leaves the hospital and tries to meet good ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abigail H (gb) wrote: Great movie, good plot and necessary fanservice for a shipper

Andrew S (us) wrote: Very watchable supernatural thriller. The best Daniel Radcliffe movie I've seen. Grotesque, thrilling and beautifully moving.

BRUNO V (ca) wrote: Nice Duo ....Meg still looking good !!!

Jayakrishnan R (fr) wrote: 76%Saw this on 29/5/15Hitchcock has a lot of historical inaccuracies, for instance Janet Leigh used a body double for the famous shower scene which the film totally ignore. Hitchcock works mostly on the talent and prowess of it's lead actors Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. Hopkins lives as Hitchcock while Mirren brings substantial drama into this. However, this film may tend to be a slight disappointment because instead of concentrating on Psycho, it's filming and Alfred Hitchcock and his career, the film spends most of the time telling about his marital life where he is mostly overshadowed by Alma Reville because Hopkins gets too less screen time. Moreover, the film wastes a lot of time shooting Hitchcock's psychological confrontation with the real life inspiration of Norman Bates which we can't say for sure really happened or that Hitchcock really saw his own life through a killer's eyes. However, the film needs to be praised for trying to portray Hitchcock's life in a way that resembled his own films.

Dyron W (ca) wrote: An preposterous though entertaining thriller with some good performances. Yes, even from Dane Cook

Arianna P (au) wrote: pretty good for a low bugget movie but I don't recommend going out at buying it for $25 like I did lol..... The more I've watched this movie the more I have learned to love it. It's funny as hell and really opens your eyes to the drug world and that we have to be aware of what we are putting into our bodies.

Shawn W (us) wrote: A rising executive gets distracted from a big work project by a clever rat infesting his apartment. I learned more about rats in this film than reading an encyclopedia. Rats are apparently capable of eating through lead and concrete.

Emod L (br) wrote: 74%Meh. It's not bad.

Knox M (nl) wrote: You Only Live Twice is one of the most fun Bond films, and the most iconic. Second best Connery.

Shataroop D (br) wrote: Well my first Andrzej Wajda film......I haven't watched the other two films of the trilogy...So considering the film as an individual entity and not a part of a trilogy, I liked it...The picture of Poland during the period has been aptly brought out in the movie...Though at the end everything went as I predicted yet at times it looked like there will be a twist in the tale...Among other things the shots of light through doorways of relatively darker rooms are worth mentioning....

Andreas S (ca) wrote: Undeservedly obscure Cagney picture, with him as a more decent fellow than unusual. The only murders here involve a young Elia Kazan, while Cagney just suffers the whims of fate and Ann Sheridan. Also, Arthur Kennedy does a helluva job as Cagney's struggling composer brother.