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Charlie is a fireman who always does everything wrong. A man talks the Fire Chief into ignoring his burning home (he wants the insurance money) unaware that his daughter (the love of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Daniel C (fr) wrote: Karen Gillan is brilliant normally but this movie was a bloody chore to watch!

Simptica P (de) wrote: Lots of subtle humor. Enjoyable!

John C (nl) wrote: amazing portrayal of kurts life through not only but his own mind.

Jonathan D (es) wrote: The director's cut is the superior version of the film.

Daniel M (mx) wrote: It was okay, but the story could have been better if both guys fell in love and had actual oral.

Gabriel A (mx) wrote: Romanticamente violento. Tom O'Rourke construiu um roteiro equilibrado, consegue mescla uma aventura romntica com muita ao, inevitavelmente os exageros rodam Van Damme.

WS W (jp) wrote: Because off the Chinese translated title, I had mixed it up with [The Phantom Of The Opera].

Ricky V (us) wrote: it won't let me watch the movies i pick. no good.

Lucas M (fr) wrote: Sometimes very silly and not so funny, but with a interesting entertaining, just like the cast, Amazon Women on the Moon, have a kind of charm bring a few comic actings, just like the sketch of Arsenio Hall. Fresh.

Christoph S (de) wrote: If you liked this one, watch also "Going Places/Les valseuses" by the same director!

Bradley H (br) wrote: This movie is insane! If you want to teach your kids that it's okay to talk to creepy strangers (Harry Dean Stanton portrays a convincing sex offender) or that requests to bring people back from the dead will be granted by Santa Claus (all you gotta do is write a letter!), this is the movie for you.

Maggie B (ag) wrote: Visually stunning at times and conceptually intriguing in its entirety, but how can one expect less from Herzog? Such a great take on the Vampyre tales.

Eric M (de) wrote: i don't own this one yet !!

Matt H (gb) wrote: Watchable but not very good or memorable. Always interesting to see Will Ferrell dialed down and not trying to be funny.

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