The Firewater

The Firewater

Towards the end of the 1920s the Finnish goverment introduced a twelve year long ban on alcohol. This resulted in very lively and profitable spirit smuggling from Estonia to Finland. This ...

Towards the end of the 1920s the Finnish goverment introduced a twelve year long ban on alcohol. This resulted in very lively and profitable spirit smuggling from Estonia to Finland. This ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bryan O (kr) wrote: Proves that at 60+ years old, these guys are still the greatest rock band on the planet. What sets them apart from other bands to me, is that they their music and performance literally gives me goose-bumps. Jimmy Page's playing is so dynamic and soulful, and his rough-around-the-edges style gives way to some pristine and beautiful moments. John Paul Jones - an amazing musician. Jason Bonham was the only drummer that could play this in this band for them to still be called Led Zeppelin, and he truly understood his father's impact on the band. He pulled off an outstanding performance. What surprised me the most was Robert Plant's vocals. Like Page's playing, Plant's voice was dynamic, mature, and soulful. And while there were only a few moments where he could not quite match the power of his younger years, there were many more moments where he truly impressed with his trademark wail. My only gripe is that i could not see it again immediately, and now have to wait for the DVD release. TRULY THE GODS OF ROCK...

Jonathan D (fr) wrote: Great film fully explaining the story of Howard Marks. Having met Howard this is a fantastic insight into his life


Jennifer R (us) wrote: "Your stupidity is terminal...& now you're cured!" Netflix it, not worth paying for.


Natasha S (es) wrote: i want to see this because i like the title.

Katie C (ca) wrote: Not really known, but it's really funny. It's a lot like that movie "Out Cold", but without rich guys taking over a skiing resort.

Gary S (br) wrote: Oh fuck. Such a funny um... what kind of horror was it again? Slasher? Psycho? who knows... it was fun! And that dvd cover... makes NO sense at ALL! Just remember: that faceless man is SO forgettable when you have a pad that sweet! You won't even think about checking out the attic! No worries! OH! And really fat, ropelike intestines make this one a keeper! Gets an extra half star for pissing me off with the Chopping Mall-like machines doing half the work!!

Edgar C (us) wrote: Moodysson's immaculate portrayal of modern youth set in a context involving serious problems of contemporary civilization came along with a popular minimalist filming style that invaded Europe during the 90's, something commercially started by von Trier.Anyway, few times will you encounter such an honest essay of human relationships and the increasing alienation between parents and sons. That is why Catherine Hardwicke's Thirteen is a piece of horseshit.97/100

Ian R (au) wrote: Maybe I just don't get it, but I've seen much better "bad" movies that were more entertaining. Not that this wasn't spectacularly cheesy and goofy cuz it was. Fun in the end though

Scott F (br) wrote: One of Truffeat's most unsung masterpieces, I think. Shot in a way that suggests a loose "marriage" between a script and letting happen what happens.

Rmy V (ru) wrote: Not as bad as claimed by critis. Above all this movie has heart which goes a long way to make up for its shortcomings.

Gisela P (jp) wrote: The movie begins promising enough, but slows down in the middle and never regains speed or any real interest. Generally, I do not mind slow, but when the movie ultimately goes nowhere, even I have to complain.

Carlos M (nl) wrote: Bacall exudes a lot of magnetism and sensuality in her debut on the screen, a decent sort-of-rip-off of Casablanca - based on Hemingway and co-written by William Faulkner no less - that relies on a strong chemistry between her and Bogart in their first of four films together.

Freki I (ag) wrote: A brilliant movie but likely to be confusing for anyone without a reasonable grasp of the Greco-Roman period. Strongly recommend to anyone with an intellectual bent - but you may want to read up a little on the period and on Hypatia herself first.

William C (nl) wrote: Grade:5.5/10Along Came Polly is a film about two people, who well don't go together very well at all. There is no doubting this is funny, and can be kind of good at times, but all in all it is too shaky and not well made enough to produce something more. It is even well played too, everyone contributes as much as they can but with a poor script and directing too, this is one movie overall I found to be average.I think the reason I found this average is that it feels too rushed and as if the people behind this just tried too fast to make a quick cash taking rom-com with little thought or heart. You know it kind of feels like Ben Stiller movies rolled into one here, a bit too much crude humour on that but still it does seem like that at times, nothing original here and a film that doesn't really bring positivity to the party.Now Ben Stiller as the main character Reuben is OK and Jennifer Aniston as Polly is the same, the problem is they don't gel and that is the key here to why this isn't a good show from the creators. I did like the supporting cast, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Sandy is funny at moments and Alec Baldwin chips in too acting wise, but in all honesty because the main two's chemistry doesn't work, it kind of ruins it for all.Now John Hamburg writes and directs this and does it in a way as I said before, like every other Ben Stiller ever made. He seems to make it funny but miss out the romance, and when he tries to make the romance it just isn't serious enough to warrant this likeable. Is it his fault Aniston and Stiller don't mix?, well could be.Now onto the positives and there are a few actually, the jokes are well done and although as said sometimes crude, can be hilarious if really listened too. The Romance element can make you think at times and could be considered "sweet" by some, still no reason for it to be good. The main actors actually do make this slightly better, they can be relied on to be consistent here but maybe that is the problem, drawing people to watch it only because of the big names.It is basically Rom-com gone bad and one that for me is unforgivable given that Hamburg and Stiller can and have made good films like this before, but both (but more Hamburg), fail at this one. I said about the jokes being good, well it can have it's bad one's too as I said, they are too seen before, in fact the vast majority of this movie feels like it has been done before.Overall a mediocre and average movie that although nearer kind of OK than Poor, still isn't anything to be proud of. It's the kind of film that doesn't ruin careers, but is one that I doubt can be looked back on with great fondness and inspiration and must be swiftly moved on. Finally I add that it is watch able and I mean that, just not the kind of film that should impress you or anyone else as it just seems as so often mentioned already, done before.

Soph F (gb) wrote: The characters are flat. There's so many plot holes. The story itself was unclimatic. Not sure why in gods name this is rated so highly. Even the director didn't know what the hell he was doing with the story. It's just not satisfying to watch, especially getting to the end and untimately being completely let down by the final scene.

Stuart D (ru) wrote: Without A Clue, a farce starring Ben Kingsley & Michael Caine. Caine plays Sherlock Holmes, or more correctly a drunk, lecherous hack of an actor portraying Holmes for the real brains of the operation, Kingsley's Dr Watson. The script isn't great at times and it's all a bit fluffy and flimsy but it is the on screen presence of both Kingsley & Caine that lift it higher, a film that I'd say is a wet Saturday afternoon stuck with kids/grandkids kind of films, as it has something for all ages