The First Season

The First Season


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1988
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The First Season torrent reviews

Greg W (gb) wrote: "Unfortunately Travis lacks the comedic skill and humanistic insight to make this anything more than Judd Apatow lite." i liked the unrated version best gets a half star 4 having kevin smith as one of the johns

Cameron J (jp) wrote: Opening credits go on way too long, there is some vacany in the story's execution and the film also slips to some other lows. Still, DiCaprio is, get this, phenomenal. I know, czazy isn't it? He is also hilarious comic relief, which really is shocking when you consider how serious of an actor he is, Academy. There are also some other great performances, good lines for DiCaprio, I hate to admit it, but excellent chemistry between Thewlis and DiCaprio and other high points that could have made it a much more solid film, had the story been delivered better. Still, it is an interesting film that's fairly worth checking out.

Troy F (jp) wrote: North Shore is just a surfer film about a determined surfer who travels to Hawaii to surf the greatest shores while makes friends and enemies. The narrative may be basic, but it's got that nice 80's touch to it with a cool soundtrack and good characters, and best of all the film has a good spirit. Not bad!

Kenneth B (ru) wrote: Great stuff. I love Lumet, Pacino and Cazale and all are on fine form here. It's interesting just how well the level of intrigue is sustained pretty much without any lulls in a confined set, I always say that's a sign of great film making (just think of Rear Window). Pacino plays Sonny superbly, it's quite a touching experience to see this guy who is clearly in over his head slowly disintegrating, something which is accentuated by the moments of hope which are routinely pulled from underneath him. Cazale is more restrained but no less effective and in fact it is his character who provides the odd moment of well placed humour.

merlin g (ag) wrote: it is possoble to some people this was excitiong when it came out, to me it seemed boring and predictible. even if it was a bit extreme

Josh F (ru) wrote: The grimiest of New York cinematic grime - Abel Ferrara putting on a clinic in making the audience squirm.

Charlie W (fr) wrote: Greet Movie Based Off The Comic I Watched As A Kid It Has Batman Does His Shit

Andrew D (br) wrote: Movie although doesn't go by the original Frankenstein story but that's what makes it so good. Now a days you don't see much movies that can make a well known fictional character such as Frankenstein which has had sooo many movies made of him, into such an original story line for him. This movie was perfect in my books and don't listen to all these haters on here, they don't know what their talking about. Just watch the movie and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

George D (au) wrote: "Never has so much, been stuffed in so few... minutes." excerpt from George's speech about what is wrong with this sequel. And that is the essence of what is wrong with this movie and the movie before it. It is like quotes and highlights from a bigger speech, but not the whole speech. Come on, HBO gave Saddam Hussein 2X the total running time (and that was about right for him, "House of Saddam" was a good mini series). This should not have been just a piecemeal movie sequel to another also too short movie. It should have been a full mini series. Many of the important bits of Churchill are here (at least the stuff that mostly wasn't in "The Gathering Storm") . They are jam packed in between minutes of Churchill being human. Somebody, go back to the beginning and start over doing this thing fully. The subject deserves it.

Mark P (fr) wrote: Doesn't deserve any stars, this film was appalling, people who can't act or sing.

Stahl M (it) wrote: You'll need a benefactor to get through this...

Christopher B (gb) wrote: This Mad Max sequel took a few bumps for the series. While this had the biggest budget of the original movies, it didn't quite reach the same quality of its predecessors. The set designs are vividly immersive and various action set-pieces are all well-handled but that visual excitement on display doesn't hold the movie up too well. Unlike the other movies, this one doesn't literally move from setting to setting; our main character stays in locations too long and the pacing suffers quite a bit even though it is only 10+ mins longer than 'The Road Warrior'. The middle of the movie gets contrived when these feral children enter the picture and the movie slows down even more, only to be forced into "climactic chase" mode with no genuine reasons for it. This was also the only Mad Max movie to be rated PG-13 instead of R, so the violence and intensity is watered-down some. All that said, this is still an enjoyable popcorn flick that's arguably works better as a standalone movie than a Mad-Max installment.