The First Time I Turned Twenty

The First Time I Turned Twenty

In 1960s France, 16-year-old Hannah Goldman is experiencing a painful adolescence. Her Jewish background and plain appearance make her an object of ridicule, but she has a talent for music ...

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Quincy R (gb) wrote: it was ok... a little trippy but nothing that will have you nervous about going to sleep

Daniel K (ag) wrote: 2: This is a fairly unusual picture. It's particularly interesting for me simply because I've spent so much time in Utah and interacted with a number of Mormons there (as I have elsewhere too of course). The Mormons I've met were only too happy to give me rides as I hitchhiked back to my vehicle after a couple long hikes. One even went about 25 miles out of his way to get me all the way back to my vehicle at the Escalante River between Boulder and Escalante. They certainly didn't try to murder me as is the case with the unfortunate "gentile" settlers depicted here. Maybe they were just trying to ensure I spent as little time in their territory as possible. Just kidding. The events depicted in the film just go to show yet again that intolerant religious extremism in any form can be extremely dangerous to all that come in contact with it. It's fairly obvious from the outset that these particular Mormons are a little different and a little too devout and brainwashed for their own good. The taking of Jon Voight's wife by Joseph Smith because of her beauty and a supposed voice from God is just another version of the Shabaab's recent edict that gold and silver fillings are unislamic and need to be pulled out. I suspect the Somalian terrorists used the precious blood-soaked gold and silver teeth rather than discard them, just as Joseph Smith undoubtedly used Voight's characters wife's body for pleasure. The creepiness and malevolence of Terrence Stamp's and Jon Voight's characters is undeniable. Fittingly, Stamp is even more frightening as Brigham Young is the more powerful of two characters. Power corrupts, but greater power leads to greater corruption I guess. It seems a bit ludicrous that there is a university named after him, if indeed he was involved in the events depicted here. I'm not an expert, but those involved with the film certainly believe it's accurate, and I wouldn't put it past these men to do something so vile. They were indeed early homegrown terrorists. I found it fascinating to see that the west at this time was so far removed from the more developed parts of America that the Mormon church could essentially rule their little fiefdom at their own whims. It was a slightly different perspective than I've ever seen in a western before. As interesting as the story is, the tone and pacing are a bit off. Too much time is probably devoted to longing looks, breaking in the unruly horse, and dwelling on the scenery in the first act or so. It's not that I reject these aspects of the film, but rather that I reject the manner in which they were handled. Someone like Terrence Malick can pull this off, but Cain cannot. In the end, the historical elements of the story are much more interesting than the romantic aspects of the film.

Fallon B (ru) wrote: The performances, both in acting and music, are phenomenal and make this movie worth watching.

Jordi P (br) wrote: 6/10 - Sembla mentida per no l'havia vista...

Paul H (gb) wrote: Even Human Voices Couldn??t Wake Me From This MovieFirst off, let me say that despite what the title indicates, ??Till Human Voices Wake Us?? was not a complete disaster. The cast delivered some strong performances, especially Frank Gallacher who played Silvy??s father. The premise of the movie is interesting, involving Guy Pearce??s character dealing with the death of a childood friend, however there are no real surprises that are encountered along the way. The main problem here is that the movie continues it??s sad and somber tone without throwing in a scene of contrast to heighten our interest. As well, because ninety percent of the movie takes place around one small location, the scene changes become redundant and boring. About three quarters of the way through, the movie loses a lot of momentum, so much so that I actually nodded off for a few minutes while my girlfriend got up to check her e-mail. I kept thinking that this movie should have come with a defibrillator device so that I could have jolted my heart periodically to keep me conscious. Oh, and a small plastic drool cup would have been nice, for those parts in the movie when I was completely bored out of my mind.April 12, 2010

David H (it) wrote: Pure Madness!!! I feel like brought back to the 20s!!! A Grandious Hommage on my beloved German Expressionist Film!!! Also a Very Intelligent 6 Grotueske on that Genre!!! And a Greek Tragedy of Freudian Kind with Surreal Dreams!!!

Schmoog L (ag) wrote: This movie is a wacky little trip, but Christopher Walken's performance was, by far, the hardest thing for me to accept. The aliens are kinda creepy until you start seeing them more, and then it just gets completely batshit looney tunes. All this, and the fact that It's riddled with plot holes and inconsistencies, make for a screwy cult classic.

Troy F (us) wrote: Peggy Sue Got Married is another film that follows the very concept: when if I could go back and do everything all over again? However, it's not like many films which try to throw a lot of chaos ands silly hijinks into the mix, this film plays it off subtly, and is even arguably conveyed as a dream in itself in its end. Peggy got married, and her marriage has slipped and attending her high school reunion where many are happily married and gone off successfully doesn't help. When Peggy faints from the stress, she wakes up in her 60's high school years. She thinks of this as an opportunity to change her past and alter her future, and attempts to take her relationship with her future love Charlie in a new direction and even try new things and friendships, but she learns that the destiny she wanted to turn around cannot be easily done. I think that's where the film comes off strongly, because we all say we would've done something differently if we went back... but would it be that easy? It's funny and an interesting direction, and I feel a lot of us can look back on high school and think: should I have talked to this person and got to know them? Should I have asked out that boy or girl? Was that relationship worth it in the end? It's worth checking out, its a fun and somewhat valuable film.

Marco C (au) wrote: Retarded Warren Commission propaganda with NO bearing on the actual case. Fuck. this. movie.

Nate T (fr) wrote: Amusing fluff that doesn't amount to much. Worth viewing once though. On Blu-ray.

Sarah E (it) wrote: I love this movie so much! i also

Kristal C (kr) wrote: Shockingly enjoyable. Michael Ironside is nightmare-inducing in this.

David M (fr) wrote: Tim Allen seems to deliver movies that are better than I think they will be (see also Galaxy Quest). I enjoyed this movie a lot.