The Five

The Five

Five men plot to steal a large sum of money from the local yakuza, but everything does not go as planned and the men find themselves hunted down by contract killers.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:109 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gang,   gangster,   homosexual,  

Five men plot to steal a large sum of money from the local yakuza, but everything does not go as planned and the men find themselves hunted down by contract killers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Henry J (ca) wrote: A beautiful and almost unnerving story takes a look at young love.

Jon H (fr) wrote: A whiny, perpetially-on-the-rags teenager with a tennis racquet. Still interested at this point?

Niral G (nl) wrote: This movie attempted to bring to the forefront a sensitive topic, but did not do so in an effective way. The concept was to show the treatment of Muslims in India through the eyes of various Muslims that were living it, in various situations and social systems. The movie was good in that way of expressing the views through multiple eyes instead of a single set. However, where the movie failed was that there was no story to follow or anything that the audience can latch onto to determine what is going on. Although this was not meant for entertainment, the quick setting changes really made it more difficult to pay attention.Still though, a powerful view of a sensitive topic. Overall a must see.

Ricardo H (ca) wrote: RAW ENTERTAINMENT AND FUN!I never imagined how much I was going to enjoy this show. It must be great for those people who get to see it live, but for those of us who can't, the film version will have to do. The songs, the choreography, and even the sometimes plain bad singing makes the fact that the actors are nude fade in the background. I guess nothing hides more than showing it all, and that was the case here.Definitely worth watching!

Cherilyn C (au) wrote: The books are way better but Mandy Moore does an excellent job.

Jane L (ag) wrote: The film TUCK EVERLASTING wasn't very faithful to the book, but then again, the book was crappy. The acting is bland (apart from Kingsley being surprisingly unsettling) and Winnie is as unlikable and bratty as ever. The plot is dull, the pacing is nonexistent, and the side characters became duller. In short, while this movie is far from harmful, it is not interesting and might be even worse than the source material.

Dave J (fr) wrote: Friday, November 12, 2010 (1984) City Heat COMEDY/ DRAMA/ ACTION Before the movie was even made, viewers wanted to see the two big heavyweights of Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds star on a film together! And what they came up with, is this very unfunny action comedy which means that star power does not always mean box office gold! With an admissable plot which serves no purpose to the overall film except to showcase unfunny sight gags performed by it's two leading actors! Although, there is one memorable action scene involving a car and a hydrant except that it was similar to a previous film made more than 10 years prior released in 1971 called Dirty Harry with the only difference that the time periods are different adding only one extra additional action scene! Could've beeen better! 2 out of 4

Aaron D (us) wrote: This may not be Harold Lloyd's absolute best film, but it is my favorite. It's absolutely hysterical, but more interestingly, lots of it was shot on location in New York City, and it's really fun to see the city in living black & white. The final chase sequence going through Washington Square Park is just brilliant.

Anne M (ca) wrote: It started off with an exciting scene, then led me through laughter, tears, tension (the police chases), and more laughter. Loved the movie. Got is as a gift for other people. No man should procreate (make a baby) without seeing this movie. Your role in a child's life is vital. Don't take it lightly. This movie nails it.

John O (ag) wrote: The title says it all...

Jeffrey N (kr) wrote: While strange to watch such choppy dialogue and overdramatic acting from the cast of John Wayne, Kim Darby and newcomer Glenn Campbell, it is a sign of the times. A classic that is probably the most violent G rated movie ever, but adorable, humorous and adventurous all at the same time in the vein of Indiana Jones. I'm curious to see the difference in the new version by the Coen Brothers, which is supposed to be more faithful to the book.

Zachary C (au) wrote: The Martian Now I've only seen 7 out of 22 of Ridley Scott's movies. And for the most part I've been Indifferent towards Ridley Scott's movies. And sometimes he'll come out with something that I really like, but truth be told I've only liked 2 of his movies and I like I said I haven't seen all his movies. One movie I need to revisit of his would be "Blade Runner" since I saw the Director's Cut of that and "The Martian" may be a movie that I need to see the director's cut of. But if there isn't one then this is one movie that I don't think I need to revisit.One thing I was thoroughly surprised by was the fact that this movie was written by Drew Goddard the creator and main writer for the new "Daredevil" series on Netflix. And he actually wrote this movie really well even though it was a little contrived. The plot of "The Martian" is one where it's a very intense story of survival. Matt Damon is alone on Mars. He has no friends, very little food and he needs to find a way to stay alive until help arrives to BRING HIM HOME!"The Martian" is like a combination of the movie "Gravity" and "Cast Away." And while "Cast Away" and "Gravity" were both interesting movies for different reasons I can't really say that a combination of those movies worked for "The Martian." I'd like to talk more about Gravity, but I'd rather save that for another time.One thing I didn't particularly like about The Martian was that it didn't really have a lot of tension between characters other than when Matt Damon was typing out his crass complaints live to the entire world. I thought the movie would have been more engaging than it could have been with some conflict between the characters. And even though I was engaged the entire time I think that it was mostly due to the fact that the survival elements were enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. The idea of someone being stranded alone on a planet waiting for help to come is a good idea for a story right? Damn straight it is. But the thing that I thought "The Martian" relied WAY too heavily on was all the stuff that went wrong for Mark Watney and there wasn't enough conflict between the characters. And when there was conflict between the characters it was resolved almost instantly. And as for the things that went wrong for Mark what I mean by that is this: With Mark's garden blowing up and his food running short I noticed that those were the MAIN THINGS that fueled this movie and kept it afloat. And usually those scenes came after scenes where you thought things were going okay and then something bad happened.Keeping warm for Mark wasn't a big problem because the temperature on Mars is livable and he found his warm Uranium thingy, but for the most part I just felt bad for him since he was going to starve on Mars and they SHOWED IT. They showed that he was starving and that he didn't have a lot to eat. Especially near the end when he was skin and bones. But as soon as the movie was over I was in no rush to see it again. I thought that Matt Damon did a great job as usual. And this redeemed Mr Damon after his shitty role as Dr. Mann in "Interstellar"."The Martian" had almost no tension between any of the characters. And when it did happen the tension was there for less than a minute and that in and of itself was frustrating because people don't just end arguments so quickly. Not over little things and not even when someone's life is on the line. I'm sure that if something like "The Martian" were happening in real life right in this moment the world would probably be debating whether or not we should save him and whether we should spend millions of dollars in tax-payers money to save one man. And plus the part in this movie where China agrees to help out the United States in bringing him back is quite baffling to me.I don't think it was entirely a bad thing to have made the story mostly one of survival I also think that if they were going to make it one of survival that it needed to be even more intense than it was. And I'm not talking like gunfire, explosions or monsters or anything like that. But I think that Ridley Scott should have made it even harder on Mark Whatney. I don't know how that could have happened, but that was the screenwriter's job and Drew Goddard didn't do as well as I would have hoped in that sense. But Drew Goddard is a fantastic writer and I'm very much looking forward to whatever he has in the works that's coming out next."The Martian" was not bad, but honestly it just wasn't exciting enough and I don't think it was as good as it could have been. I don't want to see "The Martian" again. I have no desire to. If I was invited to some event where "The Martian" was going to be shown and I didn't have to pay then I'd probably go if there was nothing better to do at home."The Martian" gets: 3.0 out of 5.0

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