The Flame Barrier

The Flame Barrier

Carol Dahlmann enlists the Hollister brothers to help locate her missing husband. The husband was tracking a fallen satellite through the jungle. While tracking him down, the trio discover an unusually strong acid killing animals and people.

Carol Dahlmann enlists the Hollister brothers to help locate her missing husband. The husband was tracking a fallen satellite through the jungle. While tracking him down, the trio discover ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mary N (mx) wrote: I really thought it would be better since its a true story

David T (de) wrote: Se ve con gusto. Entretenida, con una mezcla igual excesiva de historias y temas comunes, pero que se salva con la buena interpretacion de los dos protagonistas. Una historia de redescubrirse a uno mismo, de encontrar su situacion en el mundo. Se ve con gusto

Ryan A (gb) wrote: What I got to say about "Raising Helen" is that it's an excellent movie from start to finish. "There are moments in this movie that will have you moved, touched, and also have you smile as well." The performances by the cast is really good. "Kate Hudson gives a life changing performance that played so well." The directing by Garry Marshall is perfect. The screenplay by Michael Begler and Jack Amiel is so well written. The cinematography is good. And finally the score is great. "I'm raving that "Raising Helen" is a movie that defines how life can do and change in a blink of an eye. A must see movie!"

Robbie N (it) wrote: A pretty decent animated movie, yet a poor tribute to Looney Tunes on the big screen. Most of the real actors deliberately overact to add to the goof and silliness of this kids film. Perhaps a little stupid and nonsensical at times, but this film holds its grounds with witty lines, hyperactive action sequences and a plethora of lovable LT characters.

Drew M (de) wrote: Sorry, not much here. Blah, blah, blah.

John C (au) wrote: My generation's weepy 'kill off the young beauty with an illness' exploitation film was "Love Story". By comparison, this piece of sentimental fluff is a weak joke. 'What can you say about a 22 year old girl who died? That she was vapid? That she loved Emily Dickinson, making silly pipe cleaner hats....And a serial womanizing and terminally vain restauranteur?' See? It doesn't work this time around. Oh sure, Richard Gere is ridiculously handsome and charming as the older man who refuses to age, and Winona Ryder is saccharinely sweet and oh-so-lovable as the effusively cute beauty just coming of age, but how much of that thin story line can one take? Because that's all there is. Two attempts at side drama don't work: Gere's one night fling on the roof with an ex-girlfriend (there must be hundreds, you know, as the film repeatedly makes the point that he is irresistible), and the strained relations between the creep and a daughter (Ryder's age, of course), who he abandoned so many years ago he hardly remembers her, much less thinks about her. Well, that first sidepiece reveals that the spunky ingenue has the uncanny ability to tell if a man is lying by touching his heart (literally). And the second provides the happy ending that the producers must have insisted upon (because you know as soon as you learn her physical heart problems are going to be fatal that she will die before you see the credits). No, can't leave an audience weeping in the aisles in 2000 the way you could in the early seventies. Only one totally cringe-worthy ending scene was not imagined, or else it might have made it into the film. But I thought of it. Here's the missing final scene: A year after Ryder's tearful death, Gere and his no-longer-estranged daughter are rowing a boat in Central Park. Daddy dearest suggests he buy a dress for her, straight from Calcutta, to show his love for her. She smiles, shaking her head knowingly saying, "Love means never having to buy a sari." Only those who saw Love Story will understand....

Marcus W (ag) wrote: There's plenty of substance, the problem is Stone's insistence on filming it like a documentary which leaves the tone floundering.

Ric D (jp) wrote: This is a very good movie and story.

The Phantom C (ca) wrote: My Bloody Valentine is a mildly entertaining slasher film.

Bob C (ru) wrote: Excellent film with Robert Taylor as a tough and stalwart trail boss bringing 138 Chicago women over 1500 miles of impossible terrain and numerous dangers to a California settlement populated by lonely men. Surprisingly touching and gut-wrenching. The Amazonian Hope Emerson is a great comic foil and John McIntire and Denise Darcel are very good as well, but it is Taylor who is the bedrock of this story. One of the most underrated Westerns that demands more attention.

Michael E (de) wrote: a fantastic look at the brony culture, the people, the actors, the creators, and is one of the most heartwarming and entertaining documentaries ever made.

Cornell W (fr) wrote: Why did I think watching Courteney Cox's directorial debut was a good idea?