The Flat

The Flat

The flat on the third floor of a Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv was where my grandparents lived since they immigrated to Palestine in the 1930s. Were it not for the view from the windows, one might have thought that the flat was in Berlin. When my grandmother passed away at the age of 98 we were called to the flat to clear out what was left. Objects, pictures, letters and documents awaited us, revealing traces of a troubled and unknown past. The film begins with the emptying out of a flat and develops into a riveting adventure, involving unexpected national interests, a friendship that crosses enemy lines, and deeply repressed family emotions. And even reveals some secrets that should have probably remained untold...

As a documentarian cleans out the flat that belonged to his grandparents - both immigrants from Nazi Germany - he uncovers clues pointing to a complicated and shocking story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raphael G (nl) wrote: i dont like the acting, and its not a good enough story.. and the last minute revelations? argh pretentious.. just not my type

Alex C (br) wrote: Incredible Documentary, Marc Singer went homeless making this film about a group of people living in an abandoned Subway tunnel under Manhattan. A harsh testament to man's ability to adapt and survive. Required viewing.

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