The Flea

The Flea

The "Flea" is a handwritten little newspaper written, edited and published by Ilias, a determined twelve year-old schoolboy who lives in a remote village in the mountains near ancient Olympia. His efforts go largely unappreciated by his elders, who tease him and nickname him "The Flea", and his concerned parents are convinced his preoccupation with his newspaper will distract him from more serious studies and forbid him to continue it. Ilias' only allies are a quixotic eccentric and a sensitive schoolgirl. The villagers' scoffing at Ilias' ambitions changes to admiration when an Athenian journalist shows up to do a story on Ilias. He becomes disheartened, however when he realizes much of their enthusiasm stems from hopes for increased tourism spurred by his fame and he distrusts the journalist's motives as well.

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Evan H (br) wrote: The acting is very realistic. Love the storyline. It's like a window into some people's lives! Worth seeing more than once! Has humour mixed in with the drama.

Sean S (es) wrote: Rather low ratings on this one but I enjoy this sort of historical fiction about cultures I want to know more about. So it that sense it is quite good, with good acting and beautiful scenery and cinematography.

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Freeman M (nl) wrote: Not as well-done as An Inconvenient Truth, but much more fast-paced.

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