The Flesh Eaters

The Flesh Eaters

An alcoholic actress, her personal assistant, and their pilot are downed on a secluded isle by bad weather, where a renegade Nazi scientist is using ocean life to develop a solvent for human flesh. The tiny flesh-eating sea critters that result certainly give our heroes a run for their money - and lives.

A group of young adults are trapped on a desert island only to find the water inhabited by a violent form of flesh eating organisms. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leslie A (br) wrote: Fascinating case about Mafia fugitives and FBI corruption.

Sam G (es) wrote: A beautiful film about finding companionship when you least expect it and discovering how meaningful a true friendship is.

Paul D (de) wrote: Fairly humorous comedy using a lot of religious stereotypes to good effect.

Marco H (ca) wrote: 90 minutes of my life wasted for nothing.

Sumanjit R (gb) wrote: Forgetting Sarah Marshall finds just the right mix of romantic and raunchy comedy.

Jenn T (it) wrote: Not great, not bad though.

Matthew J (ca) wrote: Melancholy in repetition.

Ippei K (es) wrote: A fun, emotional film that doesn't try to do too much. Even if it draws inspiration from a lot movies that have been made before, you can appreciate the Japanese-ness of it. The actors do a fine job, especially if they learnt to dance for real. Something that's not going to be a repeat favourite, though it is for dad, it's definitely worth giving a go.

Hilary D (nl) wrote: Was ok, predictable for me. My, has David Moscow come a long way from Big and Newsies. Ha ha.

Mark R (mx) wrote: Similar to "Signs" with no budget to speak of. Stars also Billy Zane who must have needed some money badly to this movie. There were a few parts of the movie where they've trapped an alien in the house that were interesting.

Mo T (nl) wrote: WWWOOOWWW.I'VE TO SEE.MO.

Rob H (br) wrote: I think this is a POLICE cd

Aakruti D (br) wrote: Love this movie, it is the best movie ever. Well, today I might not say so, or many others might agree. But, as a 3 yr. old I thrived on Baazigar. ~Two Thumbs Up!~

Kevin W (mx) wrote: Diverting exploitation fare from the versatile Japanese director Masumura (who made the Frank Tashlin-esque 'Giants and Toys' and the lesbian melodrama 'Manji' amongst other films), which must have seemed pretty out there to late 60s Japanese audiences, though it fits into quite suitably amongst the new wave of films during that period. Coming over as a precursor in many ways to Nagisa Oshima's 'In The Realm of the Senses', which followed a few years later, 'Blind Beast' focuses on an equally sordid affair based upon seemingly S&M ideals.Aki (Mako Midori), a spunky young model, poses for some fairly kinky "artistic" photographs which are shown in an exhibition alongside a life sized clay model of her body. When she visits this exhibition, she sees a young blind man caressing this model in a way that doesn't seem natural. Of course this concerns her as the man's hands running up and down the clay model are practically felt by her, as if it is her body that is being fondled. The same man, Michio (Eiji Funakoshi), turns up later as her masseur, kidnapping her with the help of his mother. Thus begins a perverse episode as Michio first forces Aki to act as his model for his new artistic endeavour, though their growing closeness causes a rift between Michio and his domineering mother.Although the narrative and drive of 'Blind Beast' barely stays together, Masumura's handling of this slight material is enough to make it more than watchable. The film's real success is in its set design. Michio's studio is a terrific recreation of his sensory capacity; with walls adorned with body parts and sensory functions - eyes, noses, breasts, arms (like those in Cocteau's 'La Belle et Le Bete' or Polanski's 'Replusion', though motionless). It's so elaborately designed, you can't help but watch with wide eyed wonder. There's amusement to be gained from Aki and Michio's initial cat and mouse games through large nude models. Michio explains his motivations for his studio's design and kidnapping of Aki - that he has senses other than sight, that touch is the only sense that means anything to him.The kidnapping also reveals Michio and Aki's nascent interest in power games and sexual quirks - his sadism, her masochism ("I only like it when it hurts"). Michio's sexuality had been repressed before, with a creepy Oedipal complex apparent, but he's now liberated by not only his mother's death, but Aki's acquiescence towards his sexual desires. When she loses her sight from the near darkness in which she resides, they share the ecstasy of caresses, of achieving sexual gratification through touch only. As the violence inflicted upon each other increases to achieve enjoyment or "exquisite pain", there's not much territory to explore, and explore they do, with the final sexual ecstasy achieved through cutting of limbs, symbolically shown through the falling of a clay statue. In many ways, 'Blind Beast' is rather ridiculous; a kinky little film that's actually quite chaste in what you see, but the exploration of more intense sexual adventures was rather groundbreaking and laid the path for the more notorious 'In The Realm of the Senses' as mentioned above. I guess if anything, the S&M infused affair is related to the sensory (lack of) capacities of Michio and Aki, that by lacking certain senses, they have something to make up for, which manifests itself in the methods they use. Not that it should be taken too seriously though, and it might easily be forgettable if not for the fact that Masumura knows what he's doing and the use of an elaborately designed set to highlight Michio and Aki's sensory and sexual issues.

Amanda C (fr) wrote: To be honest this film was over my head. I didn't really get the point of it. However, there was some nice technical work going on that at the very least kept some interest between the points that I was struggling to stay awake.

Veronique K (ca) wrote: "strange cargo" is the last movie of the gable/crawford duo which is highly popular in the 30s until their romance got hindered by mgm louis b. mayer and their seperate marriages. (gable to carole lombard; crawford to franchot tone) practically crawford's off-and-on lifelong affair with gable is the only thing described with a positive light in the speclal feature of crawford's dvd collection despite mostly the interviewees are mocking her animalistic shrewdness with misogynism all the time. gable plays verne, a dubious inmate who is desperate to escape his colonial jail in southern america or obtain a bit of solace of female touch, so he spots on the saloon girl julie(crawford) by sneaking into her dressing room and forcing her to conform into his bossom. tough julie reports him to jail instead, then he frames her as accomplice to get even. a stuck gender guerilla of animosity turning into affection. then on the way of her retreat to mainland america, she stumbles into him again, so they end up in the same lifeboat with other five inmates drifting to america on sea. it has albert dekker as the malicious survivor and ian hunter as the christ figure, the spiritual guide who inspires gable's conscience. peter lorre as the disdained sap who has a crush on crawford, but belittled as pig all the time while the hunky gable pushes crawford around by trashing her good wills of saving him with distrusts. it is literarily clark gable's star vehicle, and the peak of the whole movie would be his temporal betrayal to the woman who sells herself to trade for his freedom then he's on verge of drowning his best friend to obliterate the evidence of his existence. eventually the story is turned around when he decides to go for the righteous: rescue the friend he almost drowns to death and returns to crawford and stop her from marrying pig. it might be a one-man show to demonstrate the wayward overpower of gable's chauvinistic machismo while crawford de-glamourizes herself without even a smear of lipstick as his petite love prey. as the special feature suggests, crawford considers gable the man of her life, and she even volunteers to take carole lombard's unfinished movie "they all kissed the bride" then donoates her earn to the red cross charity to ease off gable's grief like a faithful friend and devoted lover. maybe a woman could only be appreciated when she surrenders to man, only glorified when she's under rosy color of romance, ridiculed ruthlessly while she stands aloof to fight for herself. it is apparent, considering the treatment of crawford's posthumous documentary.

Steve G (ag) wrote: The acting is awful. The characters couldn't be more annoying. I can't deal with this phony mess. The 'comic relief' character is in the running for most irritating ever.

Isaac A (mx) wrote: This movie was good but it didn't scare me... at all.

Shital G (br) wrote: Waste of time and money

Damir A (kr) wrote: A surprisingly insightful look into the Yugoslav civil war. Equal parts comedy and tragedy and an absolutely worthwhile watch for anyone with some form of link to the ex-Yugoslavia.