The Fluffy Movie: Unity Through Laughter

The Fluffy Movie: Unity Through Laughter

A comedy concert film that captures the on-stage performance and inspirational success story of Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias.

The film follows the world-famous Hawaiian-shirt-clad comedian who brings surprise things and laugh for the audience. His performance attracts a half million people to buy ticket in over 400 cities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason D (au) wrote: I thought this was going to be a revolting piece of shit, but I wound up laughing my ass off (in a good way). Definitely not horrific in any way, but a decent "slasher" film about a fetish club in a small conservative town that is being constantly pestered by evil councilmen and a serial killer who is bumping off the employees. Not very scary and looks as though it was purposely predictable, but it manages to be a pretty funny film, with characters that you actually care about. As far as the bad things go, the acting is a bit shoddy (which can be expected from a film like this, but it's better than usual) and an climax/ending that I thought was kinda week. There were some great appearances by Ken Foree (who was a blast), Lynn Lowry, and Debbie Rochon (who gives us a brief but nice shot of the titties, which I had no idea were so big and beautiful. I must find more of her films now). I recommend it.

Aaron G (nl) wrote: One of my favorite movies. The movie inspired me to want to learn guitar.

Matthew M (br) wrote: First of this has nothing to do with the first one and there is an actual sequel to the first one. This literally has nothing to do with kickboxing and must have been used for marketing purposes only. The funny thing is the film itself is not bad I mean it is hilarious some of the dialogue and the special effects, kills, and acting crack me up. This was fun to watch and plenty of action scenes. There were very few times when someone was not getting beat up or shot at. Evan Lurie is the man and Dale Apollo Cook is hilarious.

Jason M (ru) wrote: Full of suspense as Gant makes his way behind the iron curtain...(he's a pilot, not a spy) & great action after he gets into the cockpit. SPX are very '80's but still depicts some great air combat. You really get a sense of the power & speed of the Firefox airplane! Great Cold War era movie about a superweapon & its ability to shift the balance of power.

Stephen E (fr) wrote: "My Dinner with Andre" relies first and foremost on how much we care about its two main characters. The concept of having two men converse over the course of their dinner sounds dull at first, but luckily, Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory are both virtuoso storytellers and their thoughts on the subjects discussed are profound and compelling. In fact, watching a conversation has never been more riveting or attention-grabbing. I can't even begin to comment on the ideas and themes presented in this film because frankly, I don't want to take the time to put it into words. But I will say this: "My Dinner with Andre" is an incredible experience.

Rihan P (fr) wrote: Saw This Back In The 90's On TV & For A TV Movie It Sure Had Me Hooked! Didn't Realise It Starred John Travolta Till Now! About A Boy Who Lives In A Bubble Because Of His Lack Of A Immune System But Didn't Get The Ending Off How He Just Runs In To The Sunset!

Shiela E (ca) wrote: interesting idea using thunderbolt, but overall, derivative and unoriginal. mediocre.

Luca Maria M (br) wrote: Even without comparing it to the first chapter, i didn't like this one, to be kind. The beginning of it it's quite interesting: Robert Carlyle's character makes you hope for a movie with a great script, which goes deep inside the characters emotions. But, as soon as the plot twist is delivered, the movie becomes a mess. Not because of the action : the action sequences are quite cool and well directed ("Aliens" is an action oriented sequel and it's a great movie, for example), but because of the plot, that seems to be projected to include as many cool scenes as possible and that is full of unbeliavable ex machina moments that, even with the "suspension of disbelief" that you have to use with this kind of movies, have so low a chance to happen that ruin the movie.

Richard D (ru) wrote: A very good espionage thriller. One of Don Cheadle's best performances.It's great to see a terrorist film and you see a diversity among their ranks. It's not a America good, terrorist Bad kind of film. It's more like things are more complicated than what they first appear to be. It's less pro America and more Anti-miss translating the Koran.

Will N (nl) wrote: If you can last through it--because it's a rough movie to watch at times--it'll be well worth your time.

ShawnThomas F (br) wrote: A stupidity induced joyride. "Slither" has the makings for a perfect Friday night, popcorn flick.