The Fly

The Fly

In Montreal, the industrial Fran├žois Delambre is called late night by his sister-in-law Helene Delambre. She tells him that she has just killed her beloved husband Andre Delambre, using the press of their plant to press his head and left hand. Fran├žois calls his acquaintance, Inspector Charas, and later the reluctant Helene is convinced to tell them what happened. She explains that Andre had invented a matter transportation apparatus, and while experimenting with himself, a fly entered the chamber, exchanging one hand and the head with him after the transference.

When scientist Andre Delambre tests his matter transporter on himself, an errant housefly makes its way into the transportation chamber, and things go horribly wrong. His atoms have become mixed up with the fly, and now he is unable to reverse the procedure... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jules B (kr) wrote: Great film - funny and thought provoking at the same time.

Roland J (ru) wrote: Very good film about how football used to be in "the old days", nice feel and some really good acting.

TonyPolito (au) wrote: Director Dean Tschetter officially disowned this film using the "Alan Smithee" pseudonym, as then allowed by The Director's Guild when excessive studio interference was claimed as the cause of the film's having gone South. Take that fact - and the film's ingenious, sophisticated titling - and draw your own conclusion.

gary t (ru) wrote: WOW.......WOW......WOW.....WOW.....WOW......JUST SEEN THIS MOVIE 4 THE 1ST TIME N THINK THAT THIS IS SUCH AN ENJOYABLE MOVIE 2 WATCH....ITS GOT A GOOD CAST OF ACTORS/ACTRESSESS THROUGHOUT THIS MOVIE......I think that burt Reynolds, jerry reed (.R.I.P.), Jackie gleason (.R.I.P.), sally field, dom deluise (.R.I.P.), play good roles/parts throughout this movie......sure this is not as good as the 1st movie but this is still such an enjoyable sequel movie 2 watch.......I think that pat mccormick (.R.I.P.), was great throughout this movie as Big Enos Burdette throughout this movie......WARNING YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THE END OF THE CREDITS THROUGHOUT THIS MOVIE AS SOMETHING HAPPENS AT THE END OF THE CREDITS THROUGHOUT THIS MOVIE.......I think that the cameos throughout this movie were really enjoyable throughout this movie as they were::Phil Balsley Himself (a member of The Statler Brothers) Lew DeWitt Himself (a member of The Statler Brothers) (.R.I.P.),Don Reid Himself (a member of The Statler Brothers) Harold Reid Himself (a member of The Statler Brothers) Joe Greene Himself (as "Mean Joe" Greene) Mel Tillis Fairground Owner Joe Klecko Himself Don Williams Himself Terry Bradshaw Himself Jackie Gleason played Sheriff Buford T. Justice, Gaylord Justice and Reginald Van Justice. For his roles as Sheriff Buford T. Justice and Reginald Van Justice he is credited as Mr. Jackie Gleason, but for his role as Gaylord he is credited as Ms. Jackie Gleason.Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise would star together again in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The Cannonball Run, Cannonball Run II, and (in voice only) Don Bluth's All Dogs Go to Heaven. As he did in the first movie, Reynolds breaks the fourth wall after being reunited with Frog, by addressing the camera and saying, "She still loves me."Many of the movie's scenes take place in northern Palm Beach County, especially at the Burt Reynolds' ranch in Jupiter, FL.Although the Bandit again sticks to a Pontiac Trans Am, this time a 1980 Turbo model with 5 color decals unlike 1981's single color decals, Snowman switches to a 1980 GMC General, silver with blue trim with the same mural on the trailer as on the original film. This "new rig" suggests that the pair were successful in the "double or nothing" wager offered by the Burdettes at the end of the first film where they were persuaded to drive from Atlanta to Boston and back in 18 hours to buy clam chowder.A world-record automobile jump was captured on film during the "roundup sequence", when stuntman Buddy Joe Hooker jumped a 1974 Dodge Monaco over 150 feet. Hooker suffered compressed vertebra as a result of a hard landing.The roundup sequence in the desert shows many new Pontiac Le Mans sedans decorated as police cars being destroyed. The cars were originally ordered by a car rental agency in Phoenix, who refused delivery when they discovered the cars were not equipped with air conditioning. Pontiac took the cars back and eventually gave them to the producers to be used in the film.Smokey and the Bandit II was filmed at the same time as The Cannonball Run, in which Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise also starred. Football player Joe Klecko also appears in both films.The film received negative reviews from critics who felt that the original was better. It currently has a "Rotten" rating of 20% on Rotten Tomatoes. Roger Ebert gave it one star and stated that there was "[in 1980] no need for this movie. That's true of most sequels, but it's especially true of 'Smokey and the Bandit II,' which is basically just the original movie done again, not as well ... how can I say it's lazy when it has 50 trucks doing stunts in it? Because it takes a lot less thought to fill up a movie with stunts than to create a comedy that's genuinely funny." It was a mild success, earning $66,132,626 at the box office.Nevertheless, it inspired a third film where Reynolds appeared only in a cameo appearance before the end credits, Field had no involvement whatsoever, and Gleason practically filled the this is such an enjoyable sequel movie 2 watch, sure its not as good as the 1st movie but it is such an enjoyable movie 2 watch with a good cast throughout this movie....

Noname (au) wrote: This movie have a very low rate on imdb but comments have been rather good so i picked it up. Its a comedy with Martin Lawrence movie much the same as "Are we there yet" which starred Ice Cube but this one was alot better i thought. In my opinion Martin make better comedy movies. Overall a worth seeing comedy for the whole family with many funny scenes.

Steve W (ca) wrote: John Russell (Newman) is a white man who was raised by Apaches. He faces the racism of whites, and inherits a boarding house by his adopted father. After selling it and facing the ire of the renters, he journeys with them on a makeshift stagecoach until they are ambushed by harriers. Cat and mouse tactics aside, the movie is a tense parable of racism, cynicism, and all sort of other deep themes. Its not just a good western, its a good film.

James H (ca) wrote: I had low expectations for this movie but it was better than I expected. Garfield is much better than the other spider-man but the motivations for him are poor. I enjoyed the second half of this movie but thought the first half was just frustrating, to watch spider-man (a 'hero') just beat people up for no reason. I did enjoy the humour and the ambitious science was also interesting. The chemistry between Stone and Garfield is the best part of the film by far. Not a bad film not not 'amazing'.

Marie H (au) wrote: Terry Crews, Cocoa Brown, Nia Long...Ticket. 5 Stars

Byron B (gb) wrote: I'm one of those few people who still went to see this on the big screen in my local independent movie theater chain rather than sitting in the comfort of my own home and watching it on Netflix. Writer/director/producer/cinematographer Fukunaga tells this harrowing story excellently. Idris Elba as the Commandant and Abraham Attah as the young Agu may remind you of Fagin and Oliver Twist. In an unspecified African country with political corruption, guerilla warfare, and unclear lines drawn in this civil war, Agu searches for purpose, lost parental love, and that last ember of human decency.