The Fold

The Fold

Struggling with her grief, Anglican priest Rebecca Ashton tries to replace her deceased daughter with another girl.

Struggling with her grief, Anglican priest Rebecca Ashton tries to replace her deceased daughter with another girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon M (jp) wrote: good the kids liked it

Mads D (gb) wrote: En udmrket lille film, nok isr interessant hvis man er kmpe Cantona-fan. En sd fortlling om livets besvrligheder og med en positiv morale. Udmrkede skuespilsprstationer, dog uden at filmen helt gr ud til kanten med flelserne hvilket er lidt en skam. OK underholdning dog.

Tom H (kr) wrote: highly entertaining martial arts action!

Jared F (jp) wrote: great movie, i was pleasantly surprised. i also noticed this was the film that was used in an episode of top gear. lots of fun. great job all around.

Chris T (gb) wrote: Absolutely worthless. Lifeless acting, terrible writing, bad locations, bad cinematography, flat characters, plot that goes goes in circles. Half-baked lofty and pretentious philosophical goals add to the rot.Definitely unworthy of the story it's based on.

Pavan R (br) wrote: Have seen the movie a few times and leaves me with a heavy heart each time..essentially a romance in times of big change in India...ivory itself is superb.. great direction matched by good performances.....

Justin A (fr) wrote: I hadn't watched this movie in about 10 years, so it was kind of fresh watching it again. However, it only took like 20 minutes for me to remember the twists.With that said, as a second viewing, this movie wasn't quite as enjoyable.The direction was still beautiful and the character drama is still pretty good, and the twists are still pretty good if you don't know what to expect. However, the entire ghost aspect I found to be a bit pointless. Back when these Asian ghost movies were still fresh it was scary. Now? It's typical stuff that you see in almost every Asian ghost movie. I don't even feel it was essential to the plot (outside of the younger sister). There are some things I'm still confused about and it mostly has to do with the random ghosts that show up throughout the film.The movie just doesn't seem necessary to see more than once. The first viewing was great many years ago. Now? Well, not so much. I'd still absolutely recommend it to those who haven't seen it, but this isn't quite the classic I thought it was before.

Seme V (nl) wrote: This one was cheesy, but the effects were decent.

Spencer S (fr) wrote: The first large scale Hollywood film that Trey Parker and partner Matt Stone undertook, this film has all the musings of a parody, and yet all the intelligence of a teenaged boy. Not that that isn't entertaining, valued, and hysterical at times. If you aren't aware this duo remains the creative minds behind the cartoon show "South Park," but they have also made a lot of feature length films. This is an early film so it's not put together as well as "BASEketball" or "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut." Still, it has a lot of memorable and quotable moments that really make it a great comedy. That's partially because the main character is so earnest and pure, even in the midst of making a porn film. Lead character Joe Young (Parker) is obviously named for Mormon faith's founder Joseph Smith, and throughout the film he stays as moral as he believes Smith was. He does missionary work in Los Angeles where he meets seedy porn director Maxxx Orbinson (Jacobs) and begins work as an erotic superhero named Orgazmo. Joe just needs some money so he can marry his longtime girlfriend Lisa (Lynne) but the film actually becomes a mainstream hit that makes more money than almost all other films. The rest of the film involves Joe trying to keep it from Lisa and shake off Maxxx's crude ploys to reel him in. It's not the over-the-top film most of its viewers will probably be expecting, because it stays a bit understated. This is surprising since the film scored an NC-17 rating from the MPAA, but that's probably because of the references to orgasms more than the actual content. There isn't much of any nudity, and the jokes don't ever tread into gross-out territory. It's a very likable movie, because it has some absurd moments and Zucker brother like stabs here and there. This is one of their better and solid live action comedy films.

Aaryaman N (au) wrote: A movie that feels extremely rushed and directed in the safest way possible, is only elevated by Ben Foster's amazing performance. Only to be watched for Ben, and maybe Chris O' Dowd.

TiFfAnY H (mx) wrote: i loved this growing up!!!!!!

Mind the Book o (mx) wrote: Jonathan Rhys Meyers! Felicity! Robin Williams! Music! Washington Square! Intertextuality! - So how come this film is unbearably irritating!? Too slow, too soppy, too spiritual.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: It has an intriguing idea but the plot lacks so much information regarding the backstory and mechanics of its universe that it becomes incoherent, implausible and utterly stupid, with plot holes, pretentious dialogue and muddled motivations - especially from Murphy's character.

Sarah C (au) wrote: I'd never heard of this one before. It is quite interesting yet slow moving. It was a little vague and not muh really happend...Julianne Moore does well but the character is so depressing.

Grant H (de) wrote: Step Down, for the love of humanity.