The Football Factory

The Football Factory

The Football Factory is more than just a study of the English obsession with football violence, it's about men looking for armies to join, wars to fight and places to belong. A forgotten culture of Anglo Saxon males fed up with being told they're not good enough and using their fists as a drug they describe as being more potent than sex and drugs put together.

The film centers on the life of Chelsea football hooligan - Tommy who experiences boring days with violence, sex, drugs & alcohol. That is diffcult fighting which he must try to change his life for the better. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Football Factory torrent reviews

Nathaniel B (ag) wrote: Cheeky, dark, and vicious, but quite entertaining.

Justin J (br) wrote: Not bad - I wish the ending would have been a bit better.

Eduardo C (gb) wrote: I haven't heard many good things about this, but Carl Panzram may have been the meanest, most amoral serial killer of them all. He was not so much a serial killer, in fact, as an all-around sociopath whose criminal exploits seem almost unbelievable today. Woods strikes me as the right man to play him.

Michael K (de) wrote: He fights Dolph Lundgren this time!"YOU WILL LOSE !!!"PS: I love Paulie's Robot, it was so CHEESE & this film is 33% montage!

Sage R (es) wrote: A definite historical film about a mountain man in the 1800's has some great comedy, beautifully filmed surprising twist, good direction for an early 70's film, it can hold up today for new viewers.

James H (ca) wrote: It's an interesting story that is a little too often slow moving, a lot of it due to the unnecessary two plus hour length. Fine cast, the acting is good. Very well produced and the special effects are great.

Robert K (es) wrote: Odd but interesting. Disgusting, evil and everything we humans think we're not. Kids playing football with pigs bladders was just weird.

Wes S (mx) wrote: While it breaks away from the roots of the original film, it's pretty interesting on its own. The characters are decent enough, and there's plenty of fun invisible gags. It's not so much of a horror movie, but for a spy flick it's great.

Evangelos C (us) wrote: Pretty cool, picks up the pace early on, and just works. The characters and idea are explored to a satisfying level, getting some laughs and more than justifying a watch.

Tommy M (ag) wrote: I felt like this film was a greatest hits clip show from all the individual films before it. Just jumping back & forth between too many storylines & Oh of course Ironman creates the villain. With so many Avengers joining it's only fitting bad guys need to be created by them. Have to go to work some how. I hope these movies fade out soon for the sake of the human race.

Matt M (br) wrote: Certainly imperfect, but Allen employing a visually beautiful expressionist noir style alone makes the picture worth seeing.