The Forbidden

The Forbidden

An early experimental short film based on Faust.

An early experimental short film from Clive Barker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Forbidden torrent reviews

Jordon J (fr) wrote: Too many questions are left unaddressed, much less unanswered, in its rush to a meager non-payoff. Ethan Hawke is really good here though so for that I say RENT IT!!!

David C (es) wrote: Good Movie. Watch it before you judge. It's pretty funny and Woody is great in it.

James C (it) wrote: Never read the comic but this film seems too short to sufficiently cover the material. Too many characters are introduced and there is not enough interaction between them all.

chad m (gb) wrote: Chris Tucker boy you a fool

armand e (ag) wrote: oh yeahh.... the title says it all... B-Movie goodness!

Nathaniel R (ru) wrote: Not the best Stephen King adaptation out there but still worth a watch.

Kylee K (br) wrote: wish they would do another one

David S (fr) wrote: This is a bad film, I know that right off the bat. Some pretty bad acting, camera work and scene slow-mo, ridiculous action parts, like Alice jumping 30 feet in the air over a fence. But, these Resident Evil films are pure guilty pleasure films. I loved the Nemesis creature (Matt). That all this movie is, pure guilty pleasure.

Hunny S (fr) wrote: if I remember, the way the trailer's set up is not, how it goes in the film..interesting till the end