The Foreign Legion

The Foreign Legion

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Andrea D (es) wrote: Cute. They certainly reused a lot of the jokes/humor from the original movie but the set and costumes were fun and bright and the spirit of the production was just as lively.

Theo K (us) wrote: I'll give them credit for trying. It wasn't the typical horror film and used a slow, subtle build to create the tension, but that doesn't really matter if the plot makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!

Chelsea T (nl) wrote: It's easy to have a feeling of emptiness to see it. anyway, quite surprised to see Kinski in it tho nothing much up to her acting.

Nick P (de) wrote: just as good as the first one

Eliabeth C (jp) wrote: Only a good good good musician has to play this character, Paganini was and would be the best as Garrett is OUR Paganini of our times....I believe any virtuoso gets inspired while playing and they are not themselves while performing, nothing more to say, David Garrett played very well his role as been possessed and to play his own life as a virtuoso.

Judge L (it) wrote: Had not seen this one since it first came out. Was better the first time I saw it.