The Forest for the Trees

The Forest for the Trees

As an awkward idealistic high school teacher begins her first job in the city, things turn out to be much tougher than she had imagined.

As an awkward idealistic high school teacher begins her first job in the city, things turn out to be much tougher than she had imagined. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (au) wrote: The Men's version of the movie TEETH.Clearly I was delaying this watch for over the past couple of years. Finally, I ended watching it during this holiday season (December 2015). I am glad to get over with it and sad for dragging it this far, because the film was not that bad as I have heard.May be we call it the men's version of the movie 'Teeth'. Since the sexual intercourse is kind of complication for the theme from this movie to draw a better storyline, they have introduced a fictional character that detachable from the human body. That is very funny as well as disgusting.This horror-comedy was average, but very enjoyable and better than being a worse. It was a short flick and had a surprise twist and turns, but the quality to excite us is what's missing. Had a decent story, but the scenes that constructed were not top notch. Being a B movie is that why it passes the flaws' test because of the restricted budget and for not having a top star in the lead. Simply one time watch movie and nothing a big deal about it.5/10

Ruhan R (es) wrote: Kevin Hart was pretty entertaining in this show. Some weak spots here and there but overall a great one.

Paul R (ru) wrote: Sorry to say that I had expected a more firmer conclusion that did not leave the viewer wanting to know what the hell just happened. Great film up until the last moment where they are going to die anyhow! Unless of course he built shelter at the holiday home!

Sean R (es) wrote: It's uncomfortable to watch and quite saddening. So, you know, it's mumblecore. Just, not great mumblecore. Molly Shannon does a great job, and I always appreciate appearances from John C. Reilly.

Gregory M (es) wrote: "The Fountain" is a story of eternal love,a story about a man who is defying death and about a woman who is accepting him dearly. It's a story about the on going fight for eternal life and the acceptance of a doom that always has to come. Aronofsky told his story by using a lot of parallels and although it was an artistic approach to the themes it sometimes managed to complicate or confuse the watcher. "The Fountain" managed to project its purpose in me but it sure wasn't a masterpiece. Nevertheless it was a promising movie from a very interesting director.

James P (au) wrote: Overly long, derivative, lacking in plausibility. When is the last time you saw a "cowboy" firing two pistols at once- Roy Rogers?

Chris S (au) wrote: funny with a good story of relationships between people. The ending I kinda wish i knew more about the characters but i really enjoyed this film. Liberating seeing them stand up for what they believed in. "its obscene.....THATS THE POINT"

Philip S (ru) wrote: A bit of an odd film. It seems to struggle to find its identity for the first half (at least) and then stumbles to some sort of semi-coherent ending. Bit of a shame, really, 'cause Connery is still at the height of his "slightly older, but still dashing and can play a heavy" days. Some characters seem to come up from - and disppear to - nothingness. Lots of serious-looking folk with no rapport with the audience because their backstories are cartoonish at best. Martin Balsam, Denholm Elliott...uh...why? It's like watching a Tarantino film without any of the character cohesion. Any film with Chris Sarandon is in trouble in my books (except Princess Bride - but he was still the worst part of that film). Brooke Adams looks great but ...who was she supposed to be exactly? I watched this in four sittings because it was too dull to watch in one. Could have been an interesting "mood" film but fails miserably in that regard.

Aj V (nl) wrote: An extremely low budget sci-fi film, with a couple of well known actors here and there who don't have any good lines, for example Roddy McDowall who appears in about two scenes, which is very disappointing. The movie is slow and meandering for the most part, and the story is too simple. Plus, the main character is stupid and annoying. I wouldn't recommend seeing this movie, it's just horrible.

Nick S (kr) wrote: Great movie! One of the best in a long time.

Jeffrey P (jp) wrote: In its time I can see where this was enjoyable, but at this point the action is slow, the technical references are offbeat, and the storyline doesn't make much sense. Will the sequel be better?

Dan M (au) wrote: The other must-see for fans of Smoke. Double bonus: Ms. Tomlin's character, Jim Jarmusch in the flesh.