The Forger

The Forger

A teenager wanders into Carmel, California, where he is soon introduced to the art-forgery community.

Joshua, a teenager with a drugged-out mother on the run, wanders into the affluent community of Carmel, California. After getting himself into trouble, the authorities try to track down his mother. But in the meantime, a successful artist/businessman offers to take in Joshua and let him have a chance at a good life. His motives are questionable considering his line of business and how he plans to use Joshua's artistic talents, but Joshua has met a girl and he's not sure if the money is worth selling off his morals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexandru S (ca) wrote: Acting: 3.5/5Story: 1.5/5Perception: 1.5/5A controversial topic with a remarkable actor in the can't go wrong, can it? Well, most of it is hurled to the ground by a dull, detached and somewhat chaotic story line. Assange shouldn't feel threatened by this one.

Amber M (ag) wrote: this is the best movie ever!!

Johnathon W (fr) wrote: Solid adaptation of Green Lantern's origin, that while is rushed in storytelling, is still leagues better than the live-action adaptation. The vocal cast is excellent, with Chris Meloni giving the right amount of bravado as Hal Jordan, while Victor Garber delivers his trademark mix of intelligence & menace as Sinestro. Behind the camera, Lauren Montgomery keeps the film action-packed while taking advantage of the direct the video status (some rather brutal deaths happen in this animated film) while the animation itself holds up fairly well. It's not theatrical level, but quite good in detail & set pieces. The main flaw is that the story moves too fast (it's a brisk 77 minutes) and some extra time for character development would have been great. Nevertheless, this film is everything the abysmall 2011 live-action film should have been and a great introduction to the Hal Jordan Green Lantern.

Clinton P (br) wrote: Better than I expected...but It takes a while to get there. I mean rednecks and wrong could it be?

Jacob D (ag) wrote: Cool action, funny comedy, and great chemistry makes a fun time

Chris R (fr) wrote: Yes this film has faults...I cant deny that but I enjoy it for what it is. I do prefer the directors cut as feel the conclusion is better. I am a fan of Friedkin. The Exorcist, Sorceror and To Live and Die In La are 3 of my favourite films. The car chase is suspenseful and enjoyable. I like it more than Basic Instinct

Nick R (fr) wrote: Very VERY interesting for the firs hour than you get to the end and your like what the hell did I just watch. He ends the movie so abruptly it almost ruins the movie I was very upset. The potential of how great this movie could have been was limited to spike lee's political agenda.

Melanie S (it) wrote: Out of the many renderings of this classic work, this is neither the best nor the most imaginative. But what points it gains is for the stellar cast and for the sheer visceral, albeit unrefined, nature of the filming. Putting a stage work on film is a difficult trick at best, no less so when it involves such a heralded work of the Bard as this. But this particular adaptation has its moments. For film, it's a bit over-staged and over-stagey, but you can't fault the overall talent and David Tennant isn't entirely miscast as the gloomy Dane. Tennant's best work emerges when he's opposite someone with chops and fearlessness to match his own, which make the best moments of this rendering the ones with Gertrude (appropriately Freudian, one could argue). Not for the faint of heart, but a valid adaptation nonetheless and while not entirely entertaining or lacking in content, it has enough shining moments to appeal to the most die-hard of Shakespeareans.

Rory P (nl) wrote: I think I need a bit of distance from this before I can give my true opinion of it; It is certainly educational, but more on its style and impact later.

Mike B (it) wrote: Marcel Marceau as a mute? No way! And here he is as a puppeteer who learns the secret of bringing the dead to "life" through electric marionation.

Alex S (kr) wrote: Another masterpiece from Ingmar Bergman, The Passion of Anna is an intense psychological study that features gripping performances, a great script, and beautiful cinematography.

Cameron M (it) wrote: Atmospheric with its cinematography and fully embracing its good moments as much as its odd moments, Grand Piano is a wonderfully tense thriller with a good central performance by Elijah Wood.

F B (mx) wrote: Not only very outdated but also quite a rubbish film.

Justin O (ca) wrote: Not a bad drama, but could've been better.

Chrissy P (it) wrote: sometimes movies with long rambling monologues are intelligent and relevant... and sometimes they're just pseudo-intelligent and pretentious... this would be the latter.