The Forger

A thief works with his father and son to forge a painting by Monet and steal the original. Together, they plan the heist of their lives.

e enlists the help of his father (Christopher Plummer) and son (Tye Sheridan) and together they plan the heist of their lives!. The world's best art forger (John Travolta) makes a deal with a crime syndicate to get an early release from prison, but in return he must pull off an impossible heist - he must forge a painting by Claude Monet, steal the original from a museum, and replace it with a replica so perfect that no one will notice

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Users reviews


Two elements that would have improved this movie immensely. The only thing that separates Linewatch from cornier (better) action-thrillers is that it lacked bad guys getting shot in slo-mo and Chuck Norris. Well, maybe not, but at least it'd lighten the tone of this film that takes itself way too seriously (WHY SO SERIOUS?). Steven Seagal in blackface would have made a better Michael Dixon. I struggled to stay awake during the useless filler, I mean, driving scenes; the music didn't help. As usual, Dad unraveled the plot of this sub-par thriller in the first twenty minutes. If you've seen A History of Violence, then you've basically seen Linewatch

Dodds D (ag)

One of my favorite foreign movies of all times. Even though the main character is doing something wrong, you still can't help but fell for her. It show why, and how people do it. It shines a bright light on the issues of drug smuggling. There have been many drug movies over the years, but none have been as compelling as this movie

Douglas J (ru)

Sparkiling original Neil Simon screenplay and Matthew Broderick's movie debut along with a great performance by Jason Robards

Elgan D (ag)

Has its moments but never really hits any heights. Fairly silly but still entertaining Sweeny Toddesque movie from Denmark

Jay S (gb)

As soon as October rolls around this is in constant rotation. Charming and funny. . . Can't believe this has less than 10%

Jessica H (gb)

It's sweet even though you know how it's going to end before it gets going because the dialog tells you what will happen

Lliana M (es)

_o I am SOOO lost :p. . . . What the heck did I just watch. . . . . . It was fine till the last like 6 mins out of 2 hours

Miuho K (kr)

"-Dad, can you just tell me one thing?-What?-How have you done it? I mean, how have you lived with her more than 40 years?-I love her

Olivia H (ag)

this film is an amazing way to relax your feeling so that's why I rated it a five star review

Pia K (de)

at Pray Love - omaa tiet etsimss). ;) (Suom. Tylshk leffa, mutta olihan tss sentn silmnruokaa upeiden maisemien ja komeiden miehien muodossa