The Forger

The Forger

A former child art prodigy and second generation petty thief arranges to buy his way out of prison to spend time with his ailing son, only to be forced to alter his plans and commit one more job for the man who financed his release.

A thief works with his father and son to forge a painting by Monet and steal the original. Together, they plan the heist of their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Olivia H (ag) wrote: this film is an amazing way to relax your feeling so that's why I rated it a five star review

Tam N (au) wrote: Terribly we are so ignorant of the food we eat everyday, and definitely ignorance is bliss. It is so easy to be indifferent of what affected us, but unifortunately we cannot avoid the consequences of our ignorance. The second lesson I learned about this movie is social force leads to conformity of both consumers and producers. I watched it in my Sociology class, and it makes me more aware of what is smoothly happening in the food I eat everyday without knowing where it comes from. Please fight for the freedom of animals, because every truly human cannot stand the inhumane images of what human have treated animals. And that is facism!

Miuho K (kr) wrote: "-Dad, can you just tell me one thing?-What?-How have you done it? I mean, how have you lived with her more than 40 years?-I love her."

(es) wrote: If you've seen A History of Violence, then you've basically seen Linewatch. As usual, Dad unraveled the plot of this sub-par thriller in the first twenty minutes. I struggled to stay awake during the useless filler, I mean, driving scenes; the music didn't help.Steven Seagal in blackface would have made a better Michael Dixon. Well, maybe not, but at least it'd lighten the tone of this film that takes itself way too seriously (WHY SO SERIOUS?). The only thing that separates Linewatch from cornier (better) action-thrillers is that it lacked bad guys getting shot in slo-mo and Chuck Norris. Two elements that would have improved this movie immensely.

Sara W (jp) wrote: lyk Goldberg. wish he still waz in WWE

Tony B (ca) wrote: This is my second time watching this film, even though I completely forgotten that I had seen it previously. The characters, acting and story overall is very good, but it's just presented in such a controlled and sombre fashion it makes it hard to sustain enjoyable interest to it. It's a subtle film, and I can enjoy subtle films, but this may be too subtle. Still, it is good and watchable.

Dodds D (ag) wrote: There have been many drug movies over the years, but none have been as compelling as this movie. It shines a bright light on the issues of drug smuggling. It show why, and how people do it. Even though the main character is doing something wrong, you still can't help but fell for her. One of my favorite foreign movies of all times.

Elgan D (ag) wrote: Fairly silly but still entertaining Sweeny Toddesque movie from Denmark. Has its moments but never really hits any heights.

Jay S (gb) wrote: Can't believe this has less than 10%...Charming and funny. As soon as October rolls around this is in constant rotation.

Robert H (fr) wrote: Buttgereit can not fail!

Jessica H (gb) wrote: It's sweet even though you know how it's going to end before it gets going because the dialog tells you what will happen.

Douglas J (ru) wrote: Sparkiling original Neil Simon screenplay and Matthew Broderick's movie debut along with a great performance by Jason Robards.

Lliana M (es) wrote: It was fine till the last like 6 mins out of 2 hours......What the heck did I just watch.... 0_o I am SOOO lost :p

Pia K (de) wrote: Tylshk leffa, mutta olihan tss sentn silmnruokaa upeiden maisemien ja komeiden miehien muodossa. ;) (Suom. Eat Pray Love - omaa tiet etsimss)

Robert B (ca) wrote: Ironically, Lost Highway is not as good as I remember it. It has a great opening for a noir/horror thriller. It may have made a good 90 minute or 105 minute film but over two hours is far too long and the 90s soundtrack feels dated. Lost Highway is not a bad film but is definitely a notch below the other Lynch films I have viewed recently (Mulholland Drive, Wild at Heart).