The Forgotten Father

The Forgotten Father


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Sarah H (fr) wrote: Christina Ricci isn't homely enough to really be that believable as Lizzie Borden. It's a good pretrial of the story regardless.

Nathan M (ru) wrote: It can be a little too ridiculous and tiresome, but #wolfcop knows what it is, and it has fun while paying homage to its B-movie roots.

Nishlank J (fr) wrote: a sharp and exciting spy thriller from Korea does well to hold your attention

Jay C (jp) wrote: [2011.08.14 @Nextvod]

Bill R (ca) wrote: An interesting little animated film that remiss me of The Wall. The dark humor and the way everything flowed felt like there should of been more of a rock soundtrack that went with it. An interesting story of a man comin to terms of his life, but keep in mind it's not exactly a kids movie.

Basima M (ag) wrote: so harshly real .. now its a movie but then it was their real life ...real suffer ..

Jason J (jp) wrote: One of the best Korean rom coms that's been made. Loved everything about it especially Kim Ha Neul.

Riley D (gb) wrote: Animation reaching it's ultimate cinematic peak, my 18 years of living have not prepared me for this..."It all returns to nothing, it all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down..."

Simon D (kr) wrote: at three hours long, this seemed a bit daunting but it was easy to get through as it is a good film with a massive cast of famous faces. It contained so many different stories that it's hard to pin a genre to it. All the characters were aquainted in some way and as the story hopped from one family situation to another there seemed to be nice little link which you had to spot, this was a fun gimick which I noticed fairly early on and helped to keep my attention. Another was that the film starts by showing LA being sprayed by insecticide and in a state of quarantine. You obviously think this is gonna be some sort of disaster movie but it's relevance to the story is a bit of a red herring.

Eliabeth M (de) wrote: Nunca habia escuchado de esta pelicula hasta que mi papa me la recomendo, y aplace verla ya que tenia mis dudas.Pero me sorprendio gratamente. Desde que la vi me conidero una fan de Griffith que me parecio encantadora y su actuacion me cautivo. Buena pero mas debil, la actuacion de Douglas esta bien, pero no me capturo lo suficiente.Desde el principio hasta un poco mas de la mitad de la pelcula el trama me atrapo muchsimo y me pareci de lo mas original, pero luego se volvi un poco montona y sin sorpresas, pero el final definitivamente la salvo.Mi parte favorita sin duda es donde Griffith descubre que Douglas tambin es un espa. Me encanto el dialogo y las actuaciones en esa parte.

Paul N (gb) wrote: Fairly standard 1980s Saturday morning cartoon fare, with poor animation and even poorer storytelling -- seriously, it seems to go on FOREVER -- that doesn't hold up at all over time. Except for the emerging gayness of He-Man/Prince Adam, which after having not seen this for 20 years, proves most enlightening and entertaining!

Paul C (mx) wrote: A cavalry western with very little in the way of action - just Scott as an officer wrongly accused of going awol, just prior to the Battle of Little Big Horn. He ultimately finds redemption and respect in the most contrived of ways - but does little more than play the stoic leader of men throughout. Average!

Greg W (ag) wrote: crawford's third and last oscar nomination here see why/how

Bruno V (ag) wrote: Lovely Movie with Mr. Freeman ! A pleasure to watching relax ...Bit Drama but most off all Friendship ! SOMDVD