The Formula

The Formula

The story of Quinn and Graham, two engineering students who discover a mathematical formula to pick up women with ease.

Quinn and Graham are two engineering students who discover a mathematical formula for picking up women. Quinn is a hopeless romantic who falls head over heels for T.J., a pretty student teacher, while Graham is a chauvinistic womanizer who makes it his mission to bed as many co-eds as possible. Believing that Scoring is all about the numbers, they test their formula,  moving from one date to the next, only to discover that there is no shortcut to finding true love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (br) wrote: Much like a Family Guy episode, there are some genuinely funny moments sprinkled in the obnoxious, repetitive and scattershot mess that makes up everything else, but at 2 hours versus 22 minutes, this is far more egregious.

Susan C (mx) wrote: We give it 4 stars!We were surprised and really enjoyed this movie - the humor, the acting and of location. Thomas Haden Church made it great!

Dave W (us) wrote: An overly ambitious mess but overall fun to watch. Incredible effort was put into the set design and really great ideas in terms of choreography, visuals and characters. This was indeed a labour of love and although I appreciated the thought there were elements that really annoyed me. The hip hop flavour did absolutely nothing for the film. It detracted from it. I don't mind wire-fu but if the laws of physics are to be defied at least complete the illusion. Weak point of impact, unbalanced cause and effect and unnatural body positioning made scenes, especially the opening, seem much less exciting. If one is to enjoy a Kung Fu movie at least get the fight scenes right. There were saving graces though such as the battle in the brothel.I also think RZA should work harder on perfecting his skills as a film maker, put his ego aside and take himself out of acting. He's TERRIBLE! His dumb, emotionless looking mug was the tipping point for me. To put himself in the lead and have absolutely zero charisma is the worst decision he could have made. Even as a humble, downtrodden blacksmith you've got to have a little spark. On the other hand, I'm glad Bautista is getting some good parts. He's very likeable, delivers his lines naturally and has potential to be a real actor. This could have been an awesome flick! To use the excuse that it's his first attempt is crap. There was so much good, someone had to know what they were doing. It was simply a few bad choices, ego and laziness that failed this movie. So disappointing.

Joyce J (ag) wrote: Shawn Yue and Fight. Dad raped sister and she got mentally sickness and killed her dad and mom. Brother took over the sins and lost respect and rejected from everyone. Back on the stage is his only solution.

Robert B (mx) wrote: Death on Demand (Adam Matalon, 2008)Before helming the terminally stupid Death on Demand, Adam Matalon had directed two things: Sesame Street skits and a short called Sex and Camping. No, I can't figure it out, either. But it makes a lot more sense than Death on Demand, whose continuity issues in the first half-hour would really be a problem if you could somehow bring yourself to give half a fig about the goings-on therein.Plot: Sean McIntyre (Sixty Cups of Coffee's Jerry Broome) was a mountaineer who went nuts and killed his family twenty years ago. Ever since, his house has stood abandoned, rumored to be haunted. Fast-forward to the present day, and college student Richard DeNola (Over the G.W.'s Dan Falcone), looking for a way to make some quick cash, comes up with the idea of doing a webcast from the house, offering five grand to anyone who manages to stay the night without fleeing. His dad (Ralph Bernard in his first feature appearance), a self-made millionaire, thinks he's nuts, but you know fathers-as long as Richard can get a thousand subscriptions to the webcast, he clears the prize money and makes a nifty profit. In order to massage the numbers, Richard comes up with three teams guaranteed to pull in the local viewers. There are two rival football stars from the team, Biff (All God's Creatures' Josh Folan) and Brad (What Happens in Vegas' Brandon Goins) and their girlfriends, aspiring psychic Darla (The Flying Scissors' Elizabeth Jamison) and Tammy (Apocalypse, CA's Anne McDaniels). The fifth respondent is something of a geek, and subscriptions are flagging, so Richard makes the decision to dump his partner and substitute Velvet Luv (Emerging Past's Krista Grotte), a porn star he's hired. Subscriptions go through the roof-and really explode when a sance held by Darla, engineered by Richard, inadvertently causes the group to bring the spirit of Sean McIntyre back into our world to kill again.I'm pretty sure "dumb" is not the right word to use for this. (I have read a number of reviews that say it's a direct rip-off of Halloween: Resurrection; I haven't seen that one and so can't say, but I'll put it out there just in case.) It has all the hallmarks of exactly the kind of movie you want to avoid: the plot is lame and predictable, the acting is worthless, the direction is fumble-fingered. And if you can make sense out of the openeing sequence before halfway through the movie, you did better than I. If you're looking for a turn-your-brain-off horror movie and your video rental store is out of every other possible choice, grab this. Otherwise, go with something, anything, else. * 1/2

Jennifer W (fr) wrote: what a sweet romantic comedy seen it a few times how sad am I

Marta S (it) wrote: funny oz-exploitation movie

Heather D (nl) wrote: romantic and sad and happy and young Virginia Madsen's boobs

Kaci F (ag) wrote: how do I watch the movie it only shows me the trailer

Nathan M (ca) wrote: Maybe not as expansive as it should be, but director Joe Berlinger once again proves that he is capable of telling an even handed story about complex characters. Whitey Bulger is a monster in his own right, but maybe so is the US government. Berlinger keeps the story moving fast, the characters compelling, and the narrative coherent despite its sweeping content.

Chris S (au) wrote: The story is great, but man, this movie was the worst thing we have ever seen. We hit "fast-forward" through 3/4 and it was still torture to watch. Again, the book and story are amazing, and true, but the acting and the way all portrayed was absolutely the worst film ever. The best part of the entire film was Pastor Piper himself speaking after the film ended. Save your time and money.

Thomas K (ag) wrote: The first Blaxploitation film directed by a black filmmaker. Redd Foxx gave a wonderful performance and the film performed well across the board.