The Forsaken

The Forsaken

A young man is in a race against time as he searches for a cure after becoming infected with a virus that will eventually turn him into a blood-sucking vampire.

A young man gets embroiled in a war against vampires. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven D (es) wrote: hmmmm, sounds interesting...

Anannya S (kr) wrote: The movie was a treat to watch with great energy brought in by both the leads.. It could have done a great work if some logic was poured into the story

John B (ca) wrote: A true best way to remember Robin Williams. For all his comedic chops, I truly appreciated the way that he tackled serious and often uncomfortable roles. We got a sneak peak in Insomnia and here we have the whole nine yards. We all know this man. A man likely lonely enough to start envisioning an artificial world where he feels connection and what happens when that fantasy drifts into reality.

Alejandro E (mx) wrote: Una experiencia sonambula y esquizofrenia, con cierto sabor a nostalgia por los aos 80s. Buena opcin para una fria tarde de viernes.

Jess L (it) wrote: A curious movie with slightly disturbing elements and a low budget, 90s indie feel. There were some genuinely great black comedy sections to this film, and a few that flew over my head. Overall the story was interesting and well played out, though the characters are completely fucked up you somewhat sympathise with the young protagonist who is a result of his upbringing and surroundings.Overall this didn't pack a mighty punch though had some worthy parts to make this an interesting and memorable film even if for the wrong reasons... sex with your mum anyone? At least it was tastefully done and for that I was thankful.Grainy and raw with realistic performances.

Stephen R (de) wrote: I'mAMovieNerd.Org....watching this, I see instantly that the commander of the Japanese Destroyer is played by the actor who I recognize by face and voice from many many many viewings of Die Hard as Takagaki....that is how you know i am a lonely nerdy loveless over movie watching loser...end of storyoh, and you know that cuz I am watching a movie like this, againso there

Jordan B (br) wrote: Albert Finney's no David Suchet, but Sidney Lumet's take on the classic mystery is stunningly well done and loyal to the book. A prime example of why Agatha Christie is second to none in the genre.

Alex T (fr) wrote: Not Hitchcock's best, but it is still a powerful film. One of the best murder scenes I've ever seen, (on par with Psycho's shower scene, The Godfather's foot-through-the-windshield scene, and the lake stabbing in Zodiac) and the scene in the opera house rivals the orchestra scene in Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Joshua C (gb) wrote: A bit over the top, but Rohan Chand makes it bearable and adorable enough to watch. Star for him.

Ilja S (jp) wrote: Rise of the Lycans almost falls in the 'it's so bad it's fun' category, but the constant cuts, shaky cam and awful cg take you of any good action. The fact that there are no stakes make this prequel totally unnecessary.

Joe Z (nl) wrote: Loved the novel; couldn't finish the movie.

Shane J (au) wrote: The worst of the original 3, its similar to no.2 with a more comedy route for the carnage. Its just you see very little of the carnage. Its very gore light even more so than no.2.I guess pamela springsteen is having great fun in the role being the crazed killer.Its ok i guess. Another nod to jason with the hockey mask in the lake "what day is it?" "saturday the 14th" nice.

Allen G (gb) wrote: Decent film but doesn't go too far- I felt myself willing it forward at times but it fits with the minimalist feel I suppose. A good indie flick that shows Reichardt's potential but also what looks to be her lack of confidence at the time.Stylish and overlooked but also underdeveloped and somewhat frustrating as a result.