The Four Feathers

The Four Feathers

They made him a hero by branding him a coward . . . the story of a man who conquered fear.

Lieutenant Faversham resigns his officer's commission rather than fight in the Sudan war.His army pals mockingly present him with four white feathers for cowardice.Lieutenant Faversham regains his honor by fighting in the Sudan incognito. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deborah R (nl) wrote: This was super boring, uneventful, and drawn out. The ending was okay I guess.

Anil D (jp) wrote: Prenez des gags des 4 coins du monde, mettez-les bout bout et vous obtenez Dhamaaaaalllll !!!

Garry W (ag) wrote: Simply the greatest animated film of all time!

Matthew G (jp) wrote: The middle chapter of a trilogy can sometimes be the one that drags. It's not the fresh beginning and it's not the epic end. But as with Star Wars, the middle chapter of this trilogy is a masterpiece of cinema. The performances are both astounding and heart wrenching, with Bernard Hill as the noble King Theoden and Ian McKellan as the ever wonderful Gandalf as stand outs. The set pieces are wonderful and the special effects still stand up 13 years later. And the movie is all finished up with one of the greatest cinema battles ever put to film. Watch it now, and enjoy.

Ted C (kr) wrote: greatly dissappointed. the first one was so much better.

Tash D (nl) wrote: anythink wif River Phoenix in is gd.

Olivier B (ca) wrote: I need to give this movie another view before I score it.

Alex F (au) wrote: Never hire a football player to take the lead role for your film. Also, perhaps asking Santa to join the cast may bring questions to his existence. However, having the lead villain attempt to pop his skull out at the audience is a plus in my book!

Pavan R (ag) wrote: A strange one this....didn't know what to make of it...repulsive at times..a courageous story to say the least...but story just doesn't come together..have to give some marks for good acting...surely must've been controversial when released..need to find the intent of the story writer and director

Tom S (au) wrote: Some really great colors and compositions."Stick these in your kisser and go suck on 'em. Now go back to your mother."

Elias K (jp) wrote: This is the kind of horror movie a hippie would direct on a bad acid trip. It's art-house appeal, the over the top grotesqueness and plentiful post-sexual revolution open nudity scenes with lots of female slaves in this macabre story makes up for the cheap setting and mediocre actors. It's gory and sexy, plus simply interesting, because such movies are really rare. Expect a sadistic midget, too!

Andrew L (us) wrote: Gets increasingly annoying the further into the film you watch.