The Fourth Angel

The Fourth Angel

Workaholic reporter, Jack Elgin takes his family on a working trip to India, but their aircraft is hijacked in Cyprus by a previously-unknown terrorist movement, and his wife and daughter are among the slaughtered. With western governments suppressing key facts and unwilling to go after the terrorists, Jack uses his contacts and snooping skill to seek the truth himself.

A man seeks justice when his wife and daughter are gunned down in a terrorist attack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Colin E (it) wrote: The problem with this movie lies in its transition from book to film. There's no denying, book and film, that Greg Heffley is a manipulative, self-absorbed 11-13 year old throughout the series. The difference between the book and the film is that the book makes Greg a likeable character, whereas the movie does not. I think the film is a very accurate adaption of the book, but it falls flat not because of the way it's transitioned, but because of the fact that it is an adaption of an anecdote.Greg does many things that would be considered selfish and manipulative. The book, however, uses Greg's personal accounts of the story, as well as his comical drawings, to fully flesh out and explain Greg's reasoning behind his decisions. His motivations and reasonings are very resonant with that of actual middle school students (panicking over small things, being self-absorbed, and the idea that Greg will be famous someday, exempting him from doing certain tasks), which makes him more relatable as a protagonist, and his actions are more forgivable. The humor for children comes from "Wow, I can see myself doing that" and for adults comes from "I would have done the same thing when I was his age if I could get away with it"The film does not, however, elaborate on this motivations or thought processes that are going through Greg's mind, at least not deeply enough for us to find humor in his chosen solutions for his problems. Instead, he comes off as just a jerk. This is a very accurate adaption of a children's book, but without the deeper look into Greg's psyche that the book provides, it's just not very funny. You definitely have to read the book first before watching in order to "get" any of the humor.

Touraj P (nl) wrote: Great metaphor for the plight of Iranians.

Jeff S (jp) wrote: I film about how f**ked up we are as individuals, and how equally f**ked up we are as a community. But seriously, Snow Angels is a real, powerful film about the construction and subsequent demolition of human relationships (a vicious circle indeed). I dare you to not find something in this film to relate to in this folm; I think we can all understand the awkward, uncomfortable constraints society places upon us and how difficult those constraints can be to deal with, especially in the face of adversity. Welcome to reality.

Yell S (ag) wrote: I thought this was terrific - script, production, locations, acting (hayley atwell, just so lovely to watch) a poignant signature piano theme - loved the emotional journey, thought it was an intelligent and thoughtful film.

Matt M (au) wrote: Remake of a 1965 James Stewart vehicle about a pilot on a trip to investigating some oil rigs who crash lands in the middle of the desert is brought to the 21st century. The result is not very exciting, with a structure and tension too mechanical and plot developments too predictable. Apart from some nice photography work, there isn't much to save this film from being another generic remake.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: Pointless, devoid of any real identity, and is not effective at all like the original. I don't hate this for the sake of hating a remake of a classic. I just find it lazy and ineffective.

David W (es) wrote: From great performances from Liam Neeson and Laura Linney, Kinsey gives us a on scientific look at sex

Erik M (nl) wrote: talk about all star cast. Funny at times but overall not all that great.

Greg E (gb) wrote: Stunning film that critiques the destructive influence of modern culture on an idyllic and sequestered native tribe as it asserts its agendas of moral education, political administration and outright greed. The cinematography is breathtaking and stands as a rich topos for the film's competing narrative interests - representing at once the virgin innocence of the natives, the perceived moral decadence of uncivilized lands, and the potential wealth of a vast and untapped resource. Interactions between the characters reveal the underlying tensions well and serve to articulate the developing drama which ultimately destroys the fragile and beautiful community which has been the focus of everyone's ambitions. A sad, powerful story that stimulates introspection on the human condition.

Haytham K (nl) wrote: Even after huge successful hits like "Forrest Gump" and "Saving Private Ryan", this film remains one of Tom Hanks' greatest movies. Moreover, it's definitely one of the funniest films of the late '80s.

Richard T (ca) wrote: Gotta love that title! The movie's pretty good, too.

Dave J (es) wrote: Friday, November 5, 2010 (1960)Seven Thieves ADVENTURE/ COMEDY/ DRAMA Another one of those carefully planned casino heists films with an amazing cast such as Edward G. Robinson, Rod Steiger, Joan Collins and Eli Wallach. The movie was wel made until the forced 'do the right thing' ending because producers don't want to condone robberies despite how chrismatic and likable the robbers are! If their is any reason to watch this, it is for the heist and the comrade itself, nothing else! 2.5 out of 4

Alec B (ru) wrote: It definitely needed to be longer but the movie remains a deeply sad nostalgia piece that's filled with surprising complexity.