The Fourth State

The Fourth State

A journalist gets caught up in a terrorist plot in Moscow while investigating the Russian secret service.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:115 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English,Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:three word title,  

A journalist gets caught up in a terrorist plot in Moscow while investigating the Russian secret service. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Fourth State torrent reviews

Jaden K (fr) wrote: The beginning of the documentary felt rushed, but the film as a whole is great. Although some shots were questionable and the fade in into 2007 made me think I skipped part of the film, the editing is great. The shot on the highway is just great. And basically, if you like Dan Harmon, you will like this documentary, it's as simple as that.

Tiago C (au) wrote: Movie intense, sensual and deep. Spo could be the master Roman. I just saw. Film for those with refined taste.

Dustin I (us) wrote: A very interesting and eerie take on the ghost story! There is something off the whole way through this clever film that will make you feel like you are experiencing things first-hand whether they are real or hallucinatory.

Brandon S (jp) wrote: Everything that's wrong with this movie can be summed up in the title alone, in that the title means nothing. THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY is an empty phrase that plays no role in the events of the picture, and means nothing. That's all you need to know; generic, empty nothingness.

Alan M (ag) wrote: Very strange and quite disturbing in places.

Justin L (br) wrote: jeremy renner really shows his ability to lead in this killler indie

Luisa L (jp) wrote: Funny and witty! Perfect for young and teen girls. One of my favorite Lindsay films. Songs are great

Albert W (au) wrote: Loved the powerful story which showed the love that Che had for the people. Viva Che !

Giannina R (nl) wrote: Pretty good movie. Mee-Shee is kind of cute

Christina A (jp) wrote: One of Robert Downey Jr.'s best acting. Great movie!

Craig P (fr) wrote: oh yeah i almost forgot, eddie murphy used to be funny!

Brendan A (ca) wrote: Vietnam vet Frankie Dunlan is an ex-Vietnam vet struggling with post traumatic stress disorder, living in a run down apartment with his family. His wife is unsympathetic to his plight, and in addition to his difficulty finding a job to support her and their baby (an hilariously unconvincing animatronic doll) he is close to being evicted and/or being beaten to a bloody pulp by a band of thugs he owes money to. Predictably he snaps and uses his combat skills to rid the streets of scumbags. The extremely low budget actually manages to work in its favor much of the time especially in the finale- which helps lessen the impact of material which would otherwise be downright unbearable were the effects more realistic. (no spoilers). The bizarre electronic music score is also highly effective.A good effort, in which the general unexpected strength of the movie makes the viewer willing to overlook its flaws.

Ratnakar S (us) wrote: Highly underrated WW2 movie, don't understand why this movie never really got the appreciation it deserved. Taking a look at the assassination of one of Hitler's right hand man Reinhard Heydrich and the aftermath, by Czech resistance fighters in Prague, the movie has 2 great scenes-one when the fighters attempt to fire at Heydrich and the train blocks their way, another when they make the next attempt, and the gun is jammed. Also the highly pathos ridden climax.

Jrmie F (kr) wrote: It's not a Die Hard at all. It's just a 90 minutes firework, no story, no dialogue,... A movie to erase of the saga.

Dusty L (jp) wrote: While not the most original. The film's strong points come solely from the cast and chemistry between characters. I was surprised to see what has happened when Shia Leboeuf takes on a more serious role.

Faisal M (de) wrote: Strange but entertaining